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The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT) is honored to announce that we will be working in conjunction with Drive Fore Juniors (DFJ). Drive Fore Juniors is a 501 c3 charitable organization with the vision to encourage skills and provide a competitive environment that will positively impact the future of inner city, minority, and underprivileged junior golfers as they prepare for their success in college golf. With HJGT giving golfers all over the nation the opportunity to participate in a high level of competitive golf, it was an easy decision for Executive Director of the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour, Mario Conte, to partner up with Drive Fore Juniors to expand the game within the junior golfer community.

HJGT is one of the benefactors that have helped launch Drive Fore Juniors to the success that they have today. To date, Drive Fore Juniors has financially assisted 41 junior golfers who are from various First Tees around the nation and The Orlando Youth Golf Association. Drive Fore Juniors has raised over $30,000. DFJ has recently announced their fundraising event on October 3rd to October 4th, 2015 that will be in collaboration with our Hurricane Junior Golf Tour tournament the Drive Fore Juniors Classic. Junior golfers are welcomed to play at our event and then be transported to watch their family members play at The First Annual Sea Island Drive Fore Juniors Fundraiser. Later that day there will be an award ceremony and dinner.

In addition, Mario Conte, Executive Director has graciously offered to go “Dollar Fore Dollar” with anybody that donates to Drive Fore Juniors. Which entails him to donate the same amount that each person donates to DFJ. Overall, raising double the amount and increasing the chances for underprivileged junior golfers to experience and participate in a competitive league.

“I am honored to be involved with Drive Fore Juniors. This has been a 2-year initiative and work in progress that HJGT has been assisting with. Our passion is to be able to assist juniors with entry fees, travel expenses, and help local charities. I will match dollar for dollar for every donation Drive Fore Juniors receives because this foundation will change the lives of hundreds of kids.” - Mario Conte, Executive Director

If you’re interested about finding out more information about Drive Fore Juniors you can visit their website at or call The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour office at (904)-379-2697.


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