Intern Spotlight – Jack Brodie

The HJGT hires many interns from across the US and even beyond! We’d like to share the experiences and lives of some of interns so that future students may be inspired by their hard work and dedication. Today, we’re interviewing Jack Brodie, an intern sales associate from Union College (KY). Brodie hails from Scotland and is actually a member of the Bulldogs Golf Team.
Jack Brodie

How has your experience been in the HJGT internship program?

I have loved every minute of working with the HJGT, I feel I have already gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in this industry.

What are your professional goals after the internship/graduation?

My professional goals are to gain a career working behind the scenes in golf, currently I am looking towards working as a tour or tournament director.

What was your favorite sports memory growing up?

My favorite sports memory growing up was only in the last couple of years and was when I won my first trophy at my home club in Scotland.

What’s your favorite part about working remotely?

Working remotely allows me to commit to work with Hurricane whilst also balancing that with my busy golf schedule and classes I may have to take as well, and we still get real-life hands-on experience in the industry.

If you could live in any fantasy world, what would it be and why?

My fantasy world would be a mansion on a remote island, covered in golf courses, where I could play all day!



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