Golf Tour Ages and Divisions


All boys and girls between the ages of 8-18 are eligible for participation in the HJGT

HJGT Player Divisions

Hurricane Junior Golf Tour events can be broken down into age groups for both boys and girls divisions. As players age up, yardages increase. You may select your age group from this page to learn more about the specific eligibility requirements for participation in that division.

Player Guidelines
  • Once a player has begun attending college he or she will no longer be able to compete regardless of age.
  • A player’s age division is determined by his/her age during round two.
  • A player can move up during the middle of the season. For example, if a player is 15 and turns 16 during the middle of the season, they will play the remainder of the season from the 16-18 division.
  • Points do not roll over to another division.
  • Players can earn points in two age divisions.
  • Caddies are only allowed for Girls 13 under and Boys 10 under divisions.
HJGT Tournament Winners
Boys 16-18
Our oldest age group for boys, learn about rules or find tournaments for Boys ages 16 through 18.
Boys 14-15 Archive
Boys 14-15
Find out more about tournaments, results and more for Boys ages 14 and 15.
Boys 11-13 Archive
Boys 11-13
See rules, eligibility, results, and get more info for the Boys 11 through 13 division.
Boys 10 and Under Archive
Boys 10 & Under
Learn all about the eligibility and special rules for play in the Boys 10 and under division, including caddy details.
Girls 14-18 Archive
Girls 14-18
The oldest age group for girls, learn about age 14 through 18 eligibility, find tournaments, get past results, and more.
Girls 13 and Under Archive
5,000 -5,100
Girls 13 & Under
Read about the special rules for Girls under the age of 13, learn more about the division, find tournaments, results, and more details about caddies.