Player Spotlight: Karis Reid

The Drive, Chip, and Putt championships happened the first weekend of April – the week before the 88th Masters Tournament. Dozens of junior golfers ascended upon Augusta National Golf Club, as the prestigious course once again played host to the championship this year. Of the 80 qualifying competitors and eight division champions, four Hurricane Junior Golf Tour golfers took the top spot of their respective divisions.

Karis Reed won the Girls 12-13 age bracket as the representative from the Great Lakes region. Her totals were 251.50 YD on the drive, 7’5″ on the chip, and 6’10” on the putt. Points were awarded in three individual skill categories (driving, chipping, and putting), with the winner in each skill receiving 10 points, second place receiving 9 points, and so on, all the way down to 1 point. The player with the most points following all three competitions was declared the overall winner of the age group. Reid is from Carmel, Indiana, and started playing golf at the age of six and competing at the age of 7. She had her top performance at Augusta to help capture first place out of the ten competitors that made it to Georgia.

Karis Reid
Karis Reid (13) won the Girls 12-13 Drive, Chip, and Putt Nationals in April.

Karis Reid’s Path To Augusta National

We were able to talk with Karis Reid after her big win at Augusta. “Playing at Augusta National is the highlight of my junior golf experience up to this point,” Reid said. “From the perfect conditions of the course to the extremely supportive gallery, the entire experience was unforgettable. Some of my best golf memories are the practice rounds that I have played with golf friends before competing in tournaments.” This is just another reason that any junior golfer who wants to, should try to qualify for the Drive, Chip, and Putt Championship. Reid described her experience as a “blessing to be able to participate in the Drive, Chip, and Putt National Finals.”

Reid took advantage of her opportunity by securing the win in early April. She has been in golf for a long time, which makes sense given her background. “My dad has been a high school golf coach for many years,” Reid said. “And he is the one who inspired me to play.” Her path might be different without her dad’s advice and inspiration, but he provided the guidance for her to be as good as she could be. Now, she is on a path that could lead her to college and beyond. Like many others on tour, Reid has aspirations of playing on the LPGA Tour; however, she has plans beyond the course too.

“I would also love to study physical therapy or sports medicine in college,” Reid said. “I love the game of golf, but I also want to help future athletes be the best they can be at their sport.”


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