Golf Tip Tuesday: Course Strategy

Golf is one of the most challenging sports to play. Every course is different and there are also external factors like weather at play as well. There are many pieces that go into someone being more or less successful at the game like clubs, shoes, or technology just to name a few. But something that a lot of people forget is that golf requires strategy. This is not strategy like chess per se because you will have to tweak your strategy based on the shots you take. Being able to adjust your strategy throughout the duration of the round is crucial. Take a look at some tips to help with your strategy on the course.

Stop aiming at the pin

That thing sticking out of the ground with the flag on it should not always be your target on your approach shots. In fact, there isn’t a good reason for any golfer to be aiming at the pin unless you are playing at an extremely high level. The payoff is simply not there. Instead, aim for a general spot around the green and work your way towards that spot. Once you get to the green or right around it, then it is time to aim for the pin.

Playing smarter tee shots

Understanding when to be aggressive with the driver, or to choose a more conservative club choice based on the hole, is one of the best golf tips to consider. This takes discipline, planning, and an honesty with your ability as a golfer. Keeping the ball in play off the tee is extremely important, and that can be accomplished through picking smart targets and clubs.

Just get on the green!

Reducing double bogeys is probably the best golf tip for most golfers. One of the biggest mistakes that most golfers make is getting too aggressive with shots around the green and going for a low-percentage play like a flop shot. Sometimes bogeys are our friends, and the best strategy is just to get the ball onto the putting surface and make sure you are two-putting at worst. Be honest with the kinds of wedge shots you can pull off and pick the shot that you know you can get on the green 9 times out of 10.

Be honest with yourself

One of the hardest things to do as a golfer is to be honest with your abilities. This leads to many mistakes on the course that lead to double and triple bogeys, or in other words, round killers. For example, if you have 155 yards to your target, and you know you will have to hit your 7-iron absolutely perfectly to reach that number, maybe it’s a better idea to take more club. The likelihood is that you won’t strike it purely, and it will come up short. And if you’re stuck in the trees, don’t try and thread it through that small opening either.

Remember, these are just tips that have been put together to help you. You should always find what works best for you and implement that on the course. Hopefully these tips give you a base for what kind of strategy you can employ on the course throughout your time on the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour and beyond.


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