What Should You Eat for a Golf Tournament?

Golfers spend 4-5 hours at a time focused on the game. That’s a lot of energy and calories to burn as opposed to an hour of hard competition focus for other sports. Golfers train hard every day in preparation for that one big tournament. Besides physical and mental prep, more and more serious athletes are taking their diet into account and discovering the significant impact it can have on overall performance. The right foods and drinks will fuel your body and mind with the nourishment it needs to compete soundly. Here are some tips to reshape your diet for the next golf tournament!

The night before a tournament”¦

Put that emphasis on REST. Sleep is incredibly important for physical and mental well-being, so put your studies and activities aside the night before a competition for some down time. Go to bed early and go through some breathing exercises and mental prep to help relax. Avoid eating or drinking within two hours of going to sleep, as this can increase blood sugar and compromise a proper snooze cycle.

Drink water

Forget sugary energy and sports drinks. Water is the king when it comes to staying well-hydrated! It can get hot out there on the golf course. Dehydration can compromise your muscle performance and affect concentration. It can also affect energy, making you feel lethargic and tired. During a tournament, keep a water bottle with you at all times. Aim to drink 16fl oz of water with your pre-round meal and another 8 fl oz 20 minutes before your round.

What to eat

What you feed your body is KEY, and the right foods will provide the fuel for tournament success. Say ta ta to those starchy carbs, like donuts and pancakes that will only give you a sugar rush followed by an energy crash. Stick to whole-wheat based foods, such as oatmeal, pasta and toast. Pair with lean proteins, like chicken and eggs and don’t forget your fruits and green veggies. Eat at least 2-3 hours pre-round, with a snack an hour before you head to the first tee.


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