Intern Spotlight – Sarah Higgins

The HJGT hires many interns from across the US and even beyond! We’d like to share the experiences and lives of some of interns so that future students may be inspired by their hard work and dedication. Today we’re interviewing Sarah Higgins, a sales associate intern from Indiana State University.

How has your experience been in the HJGT internship program?

My experience has been amazing. I am go grateful for everything I have learned from Sara and the HJGT team as a whole. I know my experience here will be very beneficial for my future.


What are your professional goals after the internship/graduation?

After my internship/graduation, my goal is to get a job starting soon after. I want to continue to build my experience and get further into the sports world.

What was your favorite sports memory growing up?

My favorite professional sports memory from growing up was when the St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup in 2019.

What’s your favorite part about working remotely?

My favorite part about working remotely is that I can get things done around my house while also getting my work done for HJGT. I also like the discipline it has brought me with staying on task and staying on schedule.

If you could live in any fantasy world, what would it be and why?

If I could live in a fantasy world I would have to pick Harry Potter. It would be so cool to have magic and be a wizard.




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