Vasundhara Thiara Commits to the University of South Carolina.

Vasundhara, originally from India, started playing golf at the age of 4. At a young age, she immediately knew that golf was her passion. Vasundhara started playing golf because it made her feel happy, made her feel like the course was where she belonged, and kept inspiring her to get better each day. Growing up in India, it was difficult to participate in golf tournaments that would allow her to showcase her abilities to colleges in the United States. In 2018, she moved to the US and joined the International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA). After joining IJGA, she started playing HJGT events.

Vasundhara Thiara Commits to the University of South Carolina.

When Vasundhara started playing on the HJGT she was given the opportunity to become nationally ranked and recognized by organizations and colleges across the country. Once she started gaining this recognition, colleges and coaches started recruiting her for their schools.   Vasundhara enjoys playing with the HJGT because the number of events throughout the year make it easier for her to her to play more and travel less. She also enjoys the college prep events that are made to have similar conditions to collegiate tournaments. She currently has a 74.5 scoring average on our tour and has placed in the top five of all but one of her tournaments on the HJGT.  

Vasundhara Thiara Commits to the University of South Carolina.

In 2019 her dream school, the University of South Carolina, gained interest in her when she had a phenomenal summer season. After college visits, more tournaments, and an offer on the table, Vasundhara committed this summer to the school she has wanted to attend since she was a young golfer. She committed to the University of South Carolina because she believes the team, the coaches, and the overall environment there is one that drives everyone to be better each day. She also enjoys the beautiful campus, the golf facilities, and all the other college experiences attached to the school.

We asked Vasundhara what advice she would give anyone starting the recruitment process and she said to, “keep playing events, and to maintain your grades. Academics are just as important as playing golf. Keep contacting coaches, don’t hesitate in emailing first or calling them, you have to present yourself to them, most importantly always mention your bad rounds and not just the good ones in your resume, so coaches know the extent of your margin of error.”

Vasundhara has been a great addition to the HJGT and we look forward to cheering her on at the University of South Carolina, and hopefully seeing her fulfill her dream of winning an LPGA event.

Vasundhara Thiara Commits to the University of South Carolina.

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