Tips and Tricks on the Green

Tips and Tricks on the Green

Putting is the most important aspect of a golfer’s score. Putting can make or break the scorecard, just by having a countless number of strokes. Here are a few tips on how to set up the perfect putt.

When setting up the putt, the first thought that should come to mind is “Can I putt it?” When there’s no rough nor an obstacle between yourself and the hole, it is probably in your best interest to putt.

Once that question is answered, you can focus on the speed of the putt rather than the break of it. Therefore, you would want to read the putt from behind or on the side. It is crucial to view the putt from the side, because you want to watch the putts momentum and figure out whether you are on a downhill or uphill slope. Remember, when you are pin-high it is always a good effort!

Tips and Tricks on the Green

A trick that gives you an advantage when putting is leaving the pin in! During the pandemic, golf clubs informs golfers that the pin stays in the hole. When theoretically, it was a smarter choice to begin with. By leaving the pin, it increases the chances of making the putt as a backboard shot.

Tips and tricks are always fun! Don’t forget the fundamentals when putting. Stance is key! Play the ball a little forward in your stance and don’t let the handle move with it but be careful when playing from the rough and indentations.

Now for the stroke; You want to make a healthy backswing, but not to short where you can cause a mishit on the putt. Next, you want to focus on making solid contact because if you don’t then you might not reach the green.

Don’t be ashamed of this play, just remember there are no pictures of a scoreboard. Go out and play your best game!


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