Tip Tuesday: The 5 Golf Products You Need

There is always a debate on what accessories golfers need on and off the course. Do you need the most expensive or fanciest accessories? The real answer is no. There are some items where the expensive version will be better, but that is not always the case. We will look at some of the essential items you’ll need while on the course or warming up. Without further ado, here are 5 golf products that you need to be at your best.

A Divot Repair Tool

As any golfer knows, taking a piece out of the grass is just a part of the game. It happens even when you do not mean to. But keeping the course looking just as good as you found is an important part of playing on any course. This is where the divot repair tool comes in. Golf divot repair tools are small, inexpensive devices, usually made of metal or plastic, with a grip end and one or two prongs. A divot repair or fixer tool helps you fix the pitch marks by pricking the device in the greens and lifting the grass around it to make it even. It makes the golf course stay in the best condition for you and your fellow golfers.

Practice Golf Balls

Most golfers want to be able to practice their swing or just unwind and hit a few balls. But the problem is that sometimes you don’t have the space to and real golf balls are heavy. In addition, you have to be careful not to break anything. That’s why it is suggested that you invest in some either plastic or foam practice balls. These balls are light and can be used without damaging the space or hurting anyone around you. You can find different types of plastic or foam practice balls based on cost, durability, weight, and performance.

Golf Towels

With golf being an outdoor sport, the weather sometimes gets in the way of a round of golf. It could be a little wet or muddy and you need a towel to wipe off the clubs or your ball. Having a golf towel will help with problems. You can use it for various purposes, cleaning your clubs, grips, and muddy balls, wiping your face, or even protecting the back of the neck on a hot day. You can also use the towel for an extra grip on the golf club in case you are not wearing your gloves. A white towel is great, but it can look very messy. Instead, a dark-colored one will keep your golf gear clean and conceal the dirt. A regular towel can also do the job, but a microfiber one can clean your gear without scratching it. Getting a clip-on towel to put on your bag will save you from losing it.

Shoe Bag

There is nothing worse than being out on the course and having dirty shoes that you need to take off. The problem then becomes where do you put the shoes? You don’t want to throw them directly into the car and get it all dirty. This is where a shoe bag comes in. Shoe bags are available in different sizes; you need to decide what suits you better. You can find them big enough to fit other tools or small enough to just fit a pair of shoes. You can use the extra space in the bag to put other necessary things like socks. Or you can carry another pair of shoes to put on before and after the game. Shoe bags come in different fabrics like nylon, leather, and polyester. While choosing a shoe bag, check if it is well-ventilated so that the wet shoes can dry quickly.

Ball Marker

The last item that every golfer needs is a ball marker. Especially in tournament play when you are playing with someone else. An added bonus product could be a hat clip for the marker so that you don’t lose the marker. Golf ball markers are flat, small objects used to mark the position of a player’s ball. They are used to remove the ball from its position so that another player can play their game without obstruction. The rules suggest that the ball markers can be anything like a coin or paper marker as long as it is not obstructing another player’s position. There are many ball markers in the market today; some are metallic and custom-made for a personal touch, like a company logo or your initials. Others are the perfect two-in-one accessory, combining the ball marker with a divot tool or a hat clip. These are all very popular combos. Find what works best for you and make sure to always have it on you.


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