This is What College Golf Coaches Look For When Scouting Players

This is What College Golf Coaches Look For When Scouting Players

You’re at a Junior golf tournament as a senior in high school. You’ve competed in many tournaments before. You know what your body needs to perform successfully and your mental game is on point. But, this particular tournament is making you sweat. Why? Because, the big dogs are coming.

Meaning, college coaches are coming to scout prospective recruits- and that means you!

Graduating from Junior golf to college golf is a big step, taking hard work and determination to beat the competition and prove your worth. How can you ease those nerves and display your best skills in front of the coaches?

This is what they’ll be looking for.

Grades Come First

You might have golf on the brain from dawn until dusk, but when it comes to college golf, let’s not forget the part where you attend classes. Coaches will be checking how you balance school and sports by looking at your GPA. You’ll need to maintain a certain GPA in college in order to play golf. Also, good grades might make you eligible for an academic scholarship to go along with your sports scholarship.

A Face To Remember

Who will a coach remember more: a prospect that makes an introduction through email or one that’s done face to face? First impressions matter, so if you have the opportunity to meet a coach in person, go for it. Not only will they put words to a face, but you get a chance to show your confidence and character.

Determination Is Key

Coaches urge players to be persistent in establishing communication. If you send one email and don’t hear back right away, go ahead and follow-up. College coaches get bombarded with emails, so sometimes it’s difficult for them to stay on top of all the names. By being persistent, you put yourself out in front of the pack.


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