The Best Clothes for Winter Golfing

The Best Clothes for Winter Golfing

It may be winter with chilly temperatures, but alas there will always be junior golf tournaments for year round play. Some junior golfers opt to play as much as possible- even in the winter. If you plan on getting out into the cold, it’s imperative to wear the right gear to stay warm and loose for optimal performance and comfort.

Lightweight layers

We’ve all seen the movie A Christmas Story, where thick layers prevent Ralphie’s little brother, Randy from being able to flex his limbs, let alone walk. When you play golf in the cold, you don’t want thick layers to keep you from being able to stretch and flow with your swing. That’s why it’s smart to stick with base layers that are worn underneath regular clothes. They do a good job at providing warmth without restricting movement.

Fleece-lined pants

Some players don’t prefer the feel of tight layers underneath clothes. Luckily, there’s a solution. Go for pants that are lined with fleece and moisture wicking. These pants are designed for cold weather sports, so you can count on them to be comfortable and accommodating when it comes to your swing.


Keep this one in your golf bag all year long!

Golf gloves

Your hands are essential for a superb performance out on the course, so when they are half frozen and numb, there’s no telling how a shot will go. Regular golf gloves won’t cut it when it’s freezing, but you can invest in specially designed winter golf gloves. These offer more protection against the elements. When you’re between shots, wear golf mitts that have warmers inside.

Head gear

You lose a lot of heat through the head, so covering your noggin with a beanie or knitted cap can do wonders for an eternally warm body. Go all out and purchase a heavy duty winter golf cap that is thick and equipped with ear flaps to protect against extreme cold and wind.


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