New Swing Training Aid Taking Junior Golf by Storm

New Swing Training Aid Taking Junior Golf by Storm
Perfect Hands Golf

New Swing Training Aid Taking Junior Golf By Storm

Junior golfers, parents and coaches are raving about Perfect Hands Golf, the new swing training aid that made a huge splash earlier this year at the 2023 PGA Show in Orlando and is now the only officially endorsed swing training aid of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).

HJGT had a chance to sit down with PHG founder Mario Karagianis to get the full story behind his impressive invention.

What inspired you to invent the Perfect Hands Golf swing trainer?

I created Perfect Hands Golf due to my own challenges with the game of golf. I started playing golf late into my20’s because it simply wasn’t a sport that was part of my culture growing up. My parents are from Greece, so Soccer was really the only sport that they were interested in during my younger years, and my oldest brother George played Football and ran track as well, so naturally I wanted to be like my big bro. Iwas fortunate enough to be gifted in these sports and was able to play Football and run track in college, but when those glory days were over and I entered the Professional world, I found that a lot of executives that I was trying to work with played golf, and in order to really get some time with them, it needed to be on the golf course.

Since I have always been a natural athlete in every sport that I played, I was foolish enough to think that I would immediately excel at golf as well, which was apparently obvious that Iwas not Tiger! I found it extremely challenging to establish a repeatable and accurate golf swing which led to me having a traditional “Caddy Shack Slice” and since I am a very competitive person, this wasn’t helping me even get close to winning and just made the game impossible to enjoy.

One thing I have never been someone who gives up so I did what anyone would do, and I started buying all the “training aids” out there that promise to do this or that but never worked for me even though I was following the instructions exactly how they were explained. I found that once the “fixed” one thing in my swing, the other areas declined rapidly, and when I went to another area and “fixed” that issue, the first issue was right back to being horrible again. So, since that didn’t work, I went to a golf coach for professional help and through video review, I was able to actually see what I was doing wrong for the first time, which was I was coming over the top and leaving my clubface wide open at the same time, or as I now call it, the perfect recipe for the world’s worst slice!

So here I am, a Division 1 athlete that now knows what I have been doing wrong so I surely won’t have a problem correcting my issues now right? Wrong! What I found from here is that even though I knew what I was doing wrong and knew what I needed to do to correct it, it didn’t matter what drill the coach had me do because in real time, I couldn’t connect all the dots of the swing to be able to execute it properly, which was even more frustrating. So again, instead of giving up, I realized that I needed to do the IMPOSSIBLE and create something that would take the “Thinking Out of Golf” while safely training my mind and body to work in unison to successfully execute the proper golf swing based on my body’s natural range of motion with every single swing I made. After trial-and-error testing over several years, PHG system was born and nothing else comes close.

How is the PHG product unique/different than most other golf training aids?

PHG is the only product in existence that works on every single element of the golf swing at the exact same time, resulting in a repetitive on-plane golf swing without restricting the golfer’s motion during practice indoors or outdoors. The acceleration bands train the small muscles to release power through the impact zone, transitioning a golfer’s mind and body into higher levels of speed and distance. Through this repetition, enhanced muscles memory occurs expeditiously, and the golfer’s swing is safely transformed into the perfect golf swing based on their bodies natural range of motion.

Why should parents of junior golfers purchase PHG for their child?

Parents should purchase PHG for their child for many reasons. It comfortably trains them how to make a full and power swing every single time while staying on plane. It will safely make them stronger through our progressive resistance training program, so they do not harm their muscles while they are still developing at their young age. Kinetic Energy transfers through the belt in the form of heat, relaxing their core muscles so they can effectively perform at the highest possible levels. This leads to more hip rotation and more depth in their backswing, which will allow for them to naturally create more clubhead speed. The belt also trains them to maintain the correct posture throughout the golf swing which will prevent them from getting off plane. Simply put, PHG will train their mind and body to work together throughout the entire golf swing, which allows for muscles memory to occur at an accelerated rate. This leads to higher levels of speed and consistent accuracy, resulting in more distance with every shot.

What are the controversial subjects or issues in your field?

PGA Golf Professionals and Golf Instructors are skeptical about golf training products overall since most of them don’t work. The golf training category is filled with gimmicks that come and go in the market, and only a small number of products have achieved substantial success levels. Most PGA Golf Professionals and Golf Instructors who have tried the PHG system see the effectiveness of the product after only 5swings but more importantly, the rapid and dramatic improvement levels of students and amateur golfers in such a short period of time is off the charts.

Where does your organization stand on those issues?

I completely agree with the PGA Professionals, and this is the exact reason why PHG was created. I was tired of buying all the gimmick “Swing Trainers” and spending thousands of dollars in lessons to see zero results. PHG simply does what it says it will do with minimal thinking, and the golfer is able to immediately feel an enhanced version of their swing that they have never felt before, leading to levels of excitement to want to continue to play the game.

To learn more about Perfect Hands Golf and to purchase the PHG swing training aid, visit Perfect Hands Golf, LLC


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