MAX HOMA: 3 Things That Help Junior Golfers Prepare for Tournaments

MAX HOMA: 3 Things That Help Junior Golfers Prepare for Tournaments
PGA Tour star, Max Homa

6-time PGA Tour winner, Max Homa, opens up and shares helpful advice for junior golfers preparing for tournament play. 

“Excerpt from Get A Grip Podcast Episode 47 with Shane Bacon

Unsure about how to prepare for the big tournament this weekend? PGA Tour star Max Homa has some simple advice for you:

1. Pre-prep if possible. Work on specific things required of that specific course”¦ work the ball right/left, hit off tight lies, thick rough, bumping chips into hills, hit 3 irons off tee if that’s a shot you’ll need to hit on that course. Hit shots that are more specific to that course.

2. Focus on putting. You’re not always going to know or see course ahead of time, so if you don’t know much or anything about the course, then spend your time on the greens. This is where you’re going to score. Putting from 10 feet in and working on lag putting will save you strokes. If you haven’t seen the course, it’s difficult to know what you’re getting into so spend your time prepping on the greens.

3. Put yourself through an internal contest. “I’m going to make ten 6 footers before I leave.” Have a goal that will help make you better in the tournament. You have to score in golf, and around the greens is best way to prepare for that.


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