Lisa Marie Rudometkin Commits to the University of San Francisco

One of our very own Hurricane Junior Golfer’s, Lisa Marie Rudometkin, has recently committed to University of San Francisco to continue her golf career. Lisa started playing golf when she was just four years old. She played a lot of other sports, but it wasn’t until her dad’s friend suggested she try golf that she truly found her love for the sport. After hitting her first ball, she knew she had to follow her heart.

Lisa started playing with HJGT in 2016 when the tour moved out to California. And was quickly crowned the girls 14-18 Justin Timberlake Division winner. Thanks to the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour, she moved to Florida to play for Saddlebrook Prep. She enjoyed playing with HJGT because she thought the staff was super friendly and the environment was always great.  This season, Lisa has a scoring average of 74 in HJGT events.

Lisa Marie Rudometkin Commits to the University of San Francisco

Her favorite memory with the HJGT was last January, on the second day of a tournament, when she shot a hole in one on her second hole at Mission Inn.  Lisa mentioned that HJGT prepared her for college because the tournaments were spread around the country. Being able to travel around the country to play golf is preparing her for what it will be like on her college team. She also said that it got her familiar with playing different courses and in different environments. She was able to learn how to adjust to multiple courses rather than playing her home course every weekend.  Her favorite course she ever played was TPC Harding Park in California.

Lisa is originally from San Francisco, which made the decision to play for USF so much easier. Lisa chose to continue her golf career at USF because she wanted to move back and be closer to home.  She also said she loves the head coach and trusts her with her golf game for the next four years. Lisa’s golf goal is to complete college and impact others. Lisa looks up to her good friend, Aline Krauter, with whom she went to high school, but Lisa admires where Krauter is taking her golf career.  When asked who she would play 1v1 in golf she insisted Victor Hovland.

Lisa Marie Rudometkin Commits to the University of San Francisco

We asked Lisa what her advice to young golfers just starting out would be and she said to not stress out too much. Coaches like players who are optimistic and believe in themselves. Stress just leads to self-doubt and hopelessness. Lisa would tell her younger self to also not stress and take care of your mental game. Always have a positive mindset and look forward.

Lisa’s favorite food is Japanese, favorite color is blue and yellow, and her favorite club in her bag is her driver.  While not on the course, she also enjoys baking cakes on her free time.

We are so excited for Lisa on her commitment and her new chapter in her life!  The HJGT will always be cheering her on!

Lisa Marie Rudometkin Commits to the University of San Francisco

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