How to Pick Yourself Up After a Bad Game

How to Pick Yourself Up After a Bad Game

It happens to every athlete. There will always be a tournament performance that doesn’t go as smoothly as you would’ve hoped.

That’s just life and even if you might not believe it at the time- failure and disappointment can be turned around and used as a positive tool to help you in your growth as a professional athlete.

You missed a crucial shot, didn’t feel well the day of the big tournament or made a mistake out on the course after months of hard work and dedication to prepare. No matter what the situation, this is how you can pick yourself up and persevere.


How you mentally handle a loss can set up your outlook for upcoming tournaments. It can be easy to let emotions get you spiraling down a path of negativity. Instead, make sure you take mandatory time for positive self-talk.

Positivity and perseverance is a huge part of being successful in anything. It’s what separates the good from the best. Here’s how you can change negative self- talk into positive self-talk:

Negative: “I can’t make the shot and I’ll never be able to.”

Positive: “I wasn’t’ on my game today. I need to focus on my training and the next tournament. Tomorrow is another day and I’ll improve this skill by training hard.”

Move on from the past

It’s all about moving on and gearing up for what the future holds. After a loss, it’s important not to let your confidence falter. Everyone has bad games and there is no point in dwelling on them.

Remember that your past doesn’t dictate your future. Get any negative thoughts out of your head such as, “What if I will always play this way?” Instead, push forward, remind yourself of the great performances you’ve had and that everyone falls down every once in awhile.


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