How to Communicate With a College Coach Like a Pro

How to Communicate With a College Coach Like a Pro

We’ve been told countless times in life that communication is key. Indeed, being able to communicate effectively can make all the difference in any significant situation, whether it’s with a relationship, at school or for a job.

When it comes to getting recruited to play golf at your favorite college, that first communication with the team coach is crucial. As a player reaching out, it’s your chance to make a solid first impression, introduce who you are via email, phone call, in-person visit or handwriting and most importantly, that first outreach will decide whether you get a call back or not.

It’s a competitive world out there, so how can you up your chances of scoring with coach communication? Here are our 3 biggest tips.

Keep it concise

College coaches are busy and don’t have time to read a rambling email that tells the entire story about your junior golf career. Instead, keep it short and sweet. Not only will they be more apt to read a quick note, but they’ll be more apt to respond.

Get creative

Coaches receive hundreds of recruitment letters, so you want to make sure you stand out from the pack. A well-written letter is more than just proper grammar. Personalize your letter by talking about why you would like to attend the school in question. Congratulate the coach on recent tournament success and wish the team good luck. Don’t forget to thank the coach for taking the time out of his busy schedule to consider your letter.

Do your research

It should go without saying, but before you even sit down to compose you should know a thing or two about the school you want to attend. Do your research before writing and use the information and stats you find to help shape your letter. Get to know the golf team, coach and players. Take a look at how the team has performed and what the recent stats are. A recruitment letter isn’t very convincing if you don’t know much about the team.


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