How to be a Stand Up Junior Golfer

How to be a Stand Up Junior Golfer

There are a multitude of emotions involved with sports. Once you taste that passion for the first time and take the plunge by committing fully to your newfound athletic life, it stretches way beyond playing and winning.

Playing a sport seriously teaches you life lessons in ways you never imagined. You mature into adulthood with discipline, problem solving and social skills that develop your overall character.

Those emotions we mentioned earlier can be anything. That surge of adrenaline after a big win, anger at an official for a call or disappointment with yourself for a less than par performance. How you handle these ever-changing experiences shapes your mental and emotional prowess. Positivity is key!

How can you develop a strong character as a stand up junior golfer? Keep these habits in mind next time you’re out on the course.

  • Always use the resources available to you to further your craft, whether those resources are people or tools. By being curious of your surroundings is how you can continue to grow and learn. Open yourself up to being coachable. That means listening and taking action.
  • Take initiative. Don’t wait for opportunities to arise- make those opportunities happen.
  • Ask questions and ask for help! Never feel afraid or like you should know everything. Step up to the plate and improve by confronting challenges head on.
  • Stay positive. Some days, it can be difficult to maintain, but even a small nod towards positivity on a dark day can push you to inspire and succeed.
  • Set those goals and stick to them. Goals give you something to look forward to and work towards each day. They present you with the opportunities to push your limits and get out of your comfort zone. And when you reach your goals, nothing is sweeter than that glorious taste of self victory.

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