Intern Spotlight – Rowan Castrucci

The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour hires many interns from across the U.S. and even beyond! We’d like to share the experiences and lives of some of interns so that future students may be inspired by their hard work and dedication. Today, we’re interviewing Rowan Castrucci, a hospitality associate intern from Indiana University.
Rowan Castrucci

How has your experience been in the HJGT internship program?

I love being an HJGT intern! Everyone is super nice and encouraging. I have grown a lot in my position being in hotel sales with help from Sara and all the other interns.


What are your professional goals after the internship/graduation?

After the internship, I want to keep working in golf and hopefully work my way up to professional golf.

What was your favorite sports memory growing up?

My favorite sports memory is playing tennis with my best friends in high school.

What’s your favorite part about working remotely?

I love working remotely because I can work from anywhere. I like to travel, and remote work allows me to do that.

If you could live in any fantasy world, what would it be and why?

I would live in Harry Potter for all the magic.




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