HJGT Golfers Continue To Shine At The Next Level

The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour has been fostering the growth of youth athletes since 2007 and currently hosts more multi-day events than any other junior golf tour in the United States. Needless to say, there have been some terrific golfers to play on our tour, and as the sport continues to grow around the world, HJGT’s impact on the amateur and even professional game will only become more prevalent. 

College Golfers Michael Brennan Austin Greaser Megan Schofill
Former HJGT golfers Michael Brennan (left), Austin Greaser (middle) and Megan Schofill (right) rank among the best college golfers in the country.

From HJGT To Amateur Stardom

For years, the path to the professional ranks was set in stone. Players would compete at the collegiate level, then they would need to qualify for something like the Korn Ferry Tour. Now, not only are there more professional opportunities for golfers like LIV, but there are several additional pathways to reach the pro levels. One in particular is the PGA TOUR University ranking system that was introduced as a partnership with the PGA TOUR. The new program allows college golfers to gain points based on a variety of parameters, such as performance. 

Right now, exactly one-third of the 266 golfers that are currently ranked on PGA TOUR University have HJGT experience. Among the 88 Hurricane golfers ranked is Austin Greaser, who currently ranks #4 on the list and #13 on WAGR. Greaser is the top golfer on UNC-Chapel Hill – the #1 ranked team in NCAA Division I – and is poised to compete for a national championship this season. We were able to catch up with him about his experience with HJGT and how it translated to the next level. 

“Plenty of great memories from junior golf. The thing I remember and still try to pull from the most is just learning the game,” Greaser said. “Learning to compete. Learning to win. Figuring out what it feels like to be in contention and under pressure. And then also figuring out how to deal with that.”

Austin has already competed as an amateur at both the Masters and U.S. Open. 

HJGT Class Of 2024 Commitments

The primary objective for many of the players on the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour is to be able to continue playing the game they love at the next level. Whether it’s a full scholarship or walk-on opportunity, college golf represents the pinnacle of achievement for the majority of junior golfers. Hurricane members are no different, and year-after-year, we are incredibly honored to see the young men and women who have competed with HJGT for years reach their goal. 

In fact, more than 400 graduating seniors who have played on the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour have already announced their plans to play golf at the next level. 

  • Division I (77%)
  • Division II (14%)
  • Division III (6%)
  • NAIA (3%)

The Sport Of Golf Is Growing Rapidly

It’s no secret to anyone who follows the sport. Golf is becoming younger and cooler! In fact, there has been a 40% increase in the number of juniors getting out on the course, which amounts to a net increase of more than 1 million youth athletes taking up the game. 

As a result, HJGT has seen a considerable increase in membership and registrations. Since 2015, there has been a 57% growth in tournament registrations and an 80% increase in memberships. As the game continues to reach new heights, HJGT will continue to provide rewarding experiences for junior golfers and their families. 


The Hurricane Tour annual membership is the best value in junior golf! Whether you are brand new to competitive junior golf or a seasoned veteran hoping to impress college coaches, HJGT’s exclusive membership will enhance your tour experience.