Helpful Tip Tuesday: Putting

Putting Tips
Putting is arguably the most important part of golf.

In golf, there are plenty of nuances that can change your game. Some of the tips can help you specifically, and some can’t. The aim of this blog is to find tips that work for the majority of golfers. In today’s blog, we will talk about some putting tips to help with your short game.

1. Read The Green

When you finally get to the green it is important to look at it as a whole. You need to be able to read the curves, read the way the wind is blowing, and understand the green in its entirety. When you look at the green you need to understand more than just the space between your ball and the hole. You have to see how the entire green slopes, curves, and breaks. Understanding the green as a whole will help you to figure out how you are going to approach the putt. 

2. Create A Putting Routine

lot of the action in all three sports is about muscle memory. If someone wants to be a great shooter, they make a thousand shots a day. If someone wants to be a great hitter, they go hit a thousand balls a day. If you want to be great on the green, you need to practice a lot of putts. You need to putt so many times that it becomes muscle memory. Create a routine that helps you and helps you to be focused.  

3. Have The Right Mindset

This one and the last one go hand in hand. Once you have a routine for putting it’ll become muscle memory. But as any good athlete knows there is a big mental aspect to the game. Being in the right mindset will allow you to trust in the muscle memory that you have built to be a great golfer. 

4. Hit The Ball In The Center

According to Britt Olizarowicz, “if you want the most pure roll, you have to hit directly in the center of the face.” What Britt is saying is that it is more important to hit the ball with center of the face of the putter than hitting the ball in the center. Britt goes on to say, “With less movement and twisting in the putter head, the ball starts and ends on the proper line.”

5. Visualize The Putt From Start To Finish

When things aren’t going right, sometimes visualizing what you want to happen is the best medicine. Pick the line that you want to hit the ball on and go for see that putt going in. Adding in a few more looks a the hole and making sure that visualization is part of your pre-shot routine will make all the difference when it comes to consistency in your putting game. 

These tips are not the end all be all for putting, but they will help. We can’t wait to see you implement these tips on the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour! 


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