Everyday Safety Tips for Junior Golfers

Everyday Safety Tips for Junior Golfers

There are a multitude of benefits to playing golf. From exercise to brain stimulation and learning discipline to just being outdoors in nature- it’s what makes golf one of the greatest games on earth!

Still, as with any sport, there can be times of distress, in this case, physical distress. A muscle is pulled, the weather is unpredictable or equipment may malfunction.

It’s always a good idea to reiterate safety when out on the green, especially if you’re just starting out. No game is fun if you have to sit on the sidelines with an injury! Here are our top safety tips to keep in mind when kids start playing golf.

Beware of the sun

Ahh! There’s nothing quite as blissful as that warm touch of sun on skin after being indoors at school all day. But, don’t get too carried away out there. We don’t need to tell you that too much sun will turn your tan into a nice, even burn. But, the sun can be dangerous in other ways. You may slather on that sunscreen, but it’s important to cover up as well. Wear a hat and light shirt and take short breaks in the shade. Always keep a water bottle close by and make sure you’re constantly drinking. Dehydration and heatstroke can be serious, so take necessary steps to avoid too much sun exposure.

Be smart when a storm’s brewing

What does lightning like the most? Hmm, how about a long metal pole beckoning to the tumultuous sky from a wide, open space? Does your trusty golf club come to mind, perhaps? If lightning is in the area, don’t chance it, no matter how glorious your game is. Gather your equipment and take shelter until the storm passes.

Avoid recklessness with a golf cart

Take in the sight of a simple, innocent golf cart as it glides slowly over the golf course path. What could go wrong? After all, it’s not like golf carts tears across major highways. Don’t be fooled. Overconfidence and recklessness can cause accidents and injuries. Golf carts should always be operated by a licensed and experienced individual. Never drive a golf cart over rough terrain and always keep limbs inside.

Warm up & the proper gear is essential

Being proactive can help prevent a lot of injury woes. Invest in the proper apparel and gear that protect you from the elements. Light colored clothing helps reflect the sun and always carrying an umbrella and jacket is nifty during chilly, wet weather. Choose comfortable shoes that you can stand in for long periods- your feet will thank you. Before you play, always warm up by stretching or taking a brisk jog to loosen up those muscles and avoid pulls or soreness.


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