How to Choose the Right Sports Organization for Your Internship

Girl Golf Intern Playing Golf

Applying for a sports internship may seem daunting at first, but
the process shouldn’t be if you go into it prepared. First of all, you want to
choose the right sports organization for you- one that you feel will help
develop your skills and put you alongside colleagues that are positive
examples, as well as fun to be around. With so many organizations out there,
how do you pick the one that will offer what you need? Here are 3 big tips to
consider before you send out those applications.

Stick with what you know

So your major is in marketing, physical therapy or maybe even
photography. There are so many positions in the sports industry that allows you
to utilize the skills you learned in class- it just takes a bit of research to
find the right opportunities geared towards your major. All because you want to
work in sports one day doesn’t mean you have to apply for internships that have
nothing to do with what you studied. From tournament operations to marketing-
there are internships that will cultivate what you’ve learned and help you
transition into your career.

Don’t only apply for the big boys

Everyone knows the larger sports organizations, from the NFL to
the NBA and beyond, and many dream of scoring an internship with one. But, this
leads to a highly competitive market for interns. Instead, focus your interests
elsewhere. Sure, apply for your top choice organizations, but take a look at
lesser known ones, such as with local clubs, tournaments, youth sports or
charity groups. They all offer fantastic experience that is sports related and
can help you network and advance to a solid position that launches your career.

Know what’s right for you

An internship takes time. Even though it’s only for a few months,
you’ll have to show up for your internship as if you were showing up for work.
This can get tricky if you’re balancing college classes and a paid job. That’s
why it’s a good idea not to overlook what you need to get the most out of an
internship. How are the hours? Will you be required to travel? What benefits
are offered? These are all vital questions to consider. It isn’t uncommon for
an internship to be unpaid, so then what do they offer in terms of experience,
like If you travel, will accommodation be provided? Explore all of the benefits
offered, and most importantly, get an idea of what your duties will be when
working with the organization. They should be able to provide candidates with
thorough information regarding what they expect, what the job will be like and
how it will impact their college credit.


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