5 Protein Filled Snacks to Keep You Fueled on the Golf Course

Unlike most sports golf is a sport that you are outside on the course for 4-6 hours; these circumstances make it challenging to access protein-filled food to keep you fueled until you finish playing.  Whether you are playing a competitive round or a round for fun, the snacks that are offered at the clubhouse are often times unhealthy and do not work in a “fuel-based” fashion. This article is going to outline some snacks that are filled with protein and are easy to pack for your round of golf. Although there are great snacks sold in the grocery stores, most are filled with preservatives and sugar. This article is here to give you new healthy protein-filled options that are beyond your average granola bar to help you stay fueled during your round of golf.

When talking about protein-filled snacks it is important to understand the amount of protein we all should be getting every day. There are many online sources that allow you to calculate your body weight compared with the number of calories you consume and how many calories you burn each day. This is a great tool for everybody to use and to understand how much protein they should be consuming on a daily basis.

1.    Trail Mix.

This one sounds very obvious but when selecting the right protein-filled trail mix it is very important to look for the ones that are not loaded with sugar.

·      Sugary trail mix is filled with: chocolate, M & M’s, candy along those lines.

·      Protein filled trail mix is filled with: different nuts and dried fruits

Protein filled nuts range from almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pistachios, pine nuts, and walnuts.

2.    Jerky

Jerky is a great snack that is filled with protein and are very easy to find snack-size portions at the grocery stores. This is an excellent source of protein and is great to have during a round of golf.

3.    No-bake energy bites:

These are one of my personal favorites! No-bake energy balls give you a lot of freedom to add the things you enjoy and make an awesome protein-filled snack. If you simply google “no-bake energy bites” you can find many different recipes to make the perfect energy bite for you.

4.    A Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Back to the basics with the PB&J! Peanut butter is an excellent source of protein and the carbohydrates from the bread will help keep you full longer. This is a great choice for a competitive round of golf or to pack in your bag when you hit the course with a group of friends.

5.    Meat, Cheese, and Crackers

This is a great choice and gives you many different options. These are simple to pack and will help keep you full for longer. There are many different lunch types of meat that are great for this option; some suggestions are beef-based deli meats, ham, bologna, chicken, or turkey.

All of these are great sources of protein! These particular options give you a ton of different options, you can pick your favorite meat, cheese, and crackers to enjoy a delicious snack.


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