4 Top Tips For Successful College Recruitment Visits

4 Top Tips For Successful College Recruitment Visits

Thinking about those college golf scholarships? Is there are college team you’ve dreamed of playing with since you were just a wee golfer? No doubt, there’s excitement in the air as college looms. There’s also plenty of preparation to undertake beforehand, especially if one of your goals is to play golf in college.

The summer months are upon us soon, and that also happens to be the best time to schedule recruitment trips to your top college choices. Campus activity has slowed down, coaches are more easily available and it’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone if you also happen to be traveling for summer tournaments.

Planning some unofficial recruitment trips with your parents? Here are some pro tips to help you make an unforgettable first impression.

What to do before you go

So, you’ve done the research, chosen the colleges you want to visit and know the coaches and team stats like the back of your hand. That’s a good start, now what about the recruitment trip itself? Asking questions and being able to answer the coaches questions will help you stand out from the rest and show initiative and confidence. That means taking a notepad with you that lists some questions you’ve already researched. It also means knowing about the team and campus so if you’re asked a question, you don’t look to your parents with wide, frightened eyes while the coach looks at you expectantly.

This is important”¦

LEAVE YOUR CELLPHONE IN THE CAR. Give your full attention to the coach during the visit. You especially don’t want any notifications going off if you forget to turn off the sound.

Common courtesy goes a long way

It’s simple. Arrive on time. When you *firmly* shake hands, look the coach in the eyes and smile. Don’t forget to say thank you at the end of the tour. You could even write a small “thank you” card to send the next day. You’d be surprised how far a little bit of classic courtesy can go!

Remember: You’re looking for the best school for you…

One more thing; refrain from asking any questions about scholarships unless you’ve been in contact with the coach prior to the trip. Ask about recruitment, like how many players they are looking to recruit. But, all-in-all, questions should revolve around finding the right fit for you as an athlete and student, not about the best deal when it comes to money.


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