3 Tips For Choosing the Right Golf Camp For You

3 Tips For Choosing the Right Golf Camp For You

Junior golfers that love to play golf and better their game have the world at their fingertips these days! When it comes to camps, there are so many golf camps geared towards helping young players get better and have fun. There’s a camp for everyone, whether you’re advanced or just starting out.

If you want to sign up for a junior golf camp this year, how do you even begin? Before making a choice to spend the time and money, there are a few ways to prepare and do your homework so you pick the best camp that matches your needs as a player.

What are your goals?

It all starts with you and what you want. It’s a good idea to identify your goals and what you would like to get out of a camp experience. Do you need to work on the overall basics or are you looking to work specifically on that swing? Pinpoint what you want to improve and look for camps that cater to that.

The best curriculum

There are many different camps out there, so be sure to look at a detailed curriculum before making a choice. You may want to work on your putting, and surely there are camps targeting that, but maybe it’s a coed camp or all girls/all boys. It could be an overnight camp or held just during the day. Don’t forget to inquire about the camper/instructor ratio! These are small details you’ll have to work out so you are comfortable and satisfied.

Research location

Some players want to travel across the US to play in a camp with renowned instructors- or even travel internationally. The fact is, there are great golf camps all over the world. You might have your eyes pinned on an expensive camp that will require a load of travel, and perhaps that’s what you want. But, if you are looking for something good but for less, really take the time to research what is offered in your backyard- chances are you’ll find a top-notch camp nearby without the extra cost of travel.


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