Vilardi Brothers are Headed to the U.S. Kids Golf World Championships

The road to becoming a pro golfer and competing at a very high level is a rough one. Working extremely hard and finding success early in your golf career are keys to success. When trying to find success early in your golf career, the Vilardi brothers take that meaning to heart. At just eight and six years old, these two prodigies take early success to a whole new level. Mario Vilardi, who is nicknamed “Super Mario” has qualified for his third time at just eight years old to compete in the U.S Kids Golf World Championships! But, that’s not all. His six-year-old younger brother Charlie Vilardi is also competing! Even though he is the younger brother, he has a great amount of confidence. 

“I think I can beat him,” Charlie said to Poughkeepsiejournal. “I almost made a 50-foot putt one time!”

Vilardi Brothers with dad and grandpa
Grandpa Mario (left), Mario (center), Charlie (right), David (far right)- Photo Credit Poughkeepsiejournal

Vilardi Family Importance

Both Mario and Charlie will be competing in the same tournament but in different age-grouped brackets. David Vilardi, who is the boys’ father, was the one who first introduced the brothers to the great sport of golf and has continued to coach them. With the brothers being on separate courses, he will be working with the younger of the two Charlie. David told Poughkeepsiejournal,

“We’re incredibly proud of the boys. We have so much fun just practicing and competing, and to see them accomplish this, it’s a great feeling. It’s excellent.”

With the two brothers competing and their father caddying, why not add another family member to the team. They have also rallied Grandpa Mario to caddie! At 74, Mario Vilardi is still an avid golfer. His love for golf is as strong as the love he has for his grandchildren. “Being able to caddie for Mario is special because I love competition and I love him, so it’s a win-win, regardless of our score.”

Vilardi Brotherly Competition

Just like all siblings, there is a bit of competition and rivalry in the air. The same can be said for Mario and Charlie. Both love the game of basketball and soccer, but are mainly centered around golf. Charlie is following the footsteps that his brother is leaving behind. Yet, it seems like Charlie may be ahead already due to playing his first competitive season at the young age of five! 

Mario has his eyes set on the top twenty in the upcoming tournament. Yet, Charlie was feeling a bit more eager. “I wanna win. I wanna be a world champion!”

The young superstars will be competing among other young talents in Pinehurst, North Carolina from August 1-3, 2024. 


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