HJGT Impacting Growth of Game Worldwide

The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour continues to impact aspiring golfers worldwide. With events now in China, India, and Canada, the HJGT plans to announce new international expansion in the coming months.

With 300+ events annually on 250+ courses throughout 24 states, the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT) is the largest operator of multi-day junior golf events in the United States. Now in its seventeenth year, the tour was founded to provide junior golfers, boys, and girls between the ages of 8-18, an opportunity to play exceptional courses in a competitive environment.

Since its inception in 2007, the goal was always to expand globally and help grow the game worldwide.

Now, the HJGT is a source of opportunity for athletes around the world and serves as a bridge between the youth level and collegiate golf, and eventually professional golf.

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Hurricane Junior Golf Tour is international and combines different cultures, the objective is to improve the performance of athletes day by day and have international exposure.

Although you have the opportunity to compete in different countries, the results are shown on the same platform. This allows an athlete participating in China to be exposed to American coaches. HJGT is a tournament of opportunities.

The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour prides itself on being an international tour. Constanza Beamonte is a perfect example of the growth of youth golf around the world. We are encouraged to have athletes like her at HJGT and look forward to seeing what she will accomplish in her bright future. 

Also, as she states: “I like participating in the hurricane golf tour. For me, it has been a challenge at times because I have competed in the 14-18 category when I was 12 and 13.”

Constanza explains: “Now I am returning to Spain for a few years but I would like to study at an American university if I could get a scholarship”. She is from Spain and has been playing in the United States for the past year. We are thrilled to have athletes like her on the HJGT and are confident that universities will recognize her exceptional talent. We eagerly anticipate seeing her bright future unfold.

Grace Clark played in our tour when she was younger and now she is a student-athlete at Eastern Kentucky University. She expresses her opinion about the HJGT and how it helped her to achieve her goals: “Playing on a junior golf circuit like Hurricane is very beneficial for golfers who want to pursue a career at the next level. Their events are designed to expose players to more challenging fields and some of them are home to many college programs”.

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“When coaches see that you perform well on difficult courses with a strong field, it gives them a great idea of ​​how you would fit into their program. Hurricane also hosts numerous events across the country, allowing it to travel to different states, leading to greater exposure to college programs. Without youth tours like this, it would be extremely difficult to get exposure and scholarships to play at the next level,” says Clark.

Alice Daag is a Swedish golfer and now a graduate student from a US university. She had competed back at home and now, especially at an NCAA level. She explains that: “Studying in the United States was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The US college system is one of the best ones to make sports and studies compatible. The Hurricane is a golden opportunity to play on one of the largest junior tours in the world”. 

Yue “Joy” Xu the director of international development at HJGT says: “Hurricane is one of the largest tournaments in the world. It offers the opportunity to play in different competitive environments and also obtain college exposure in different countries”. 

“This commitment to international expansion will continue to grow, enhance the HJGT brand, and bring more opportunities for our staff, players, and families,” said HJGT Founder, Mario Conte. 

Stay tuned for more opportunities world-wide because this is just the beginning.


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