Player Spotlight: Richard Taylor Looks To Golf In Space

Major Championship at Crossroads winner Richard Taylor of Acton, MA fired an opening round 82, then followed up with 79, for a combined total of 161. The HJGT recently caught up with the champion to learn more about his junior golf journey, passions and future plans.

Junior Golf Journey

“It all started in the summer of 2022. I picked up golf for the first time, and my mom and I were total noobs. When someone asked about my ‘handicap,’ my mom freaked out and said, ‘Why would you say that about my child?’ Turns out, handicap in golf isn’t a disability – who knew, right?”

Taylor went on to explain that his coach, Mark, encouraged him to participate in two-day tournaments, which led to him joining the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour. “These tournaments are hosted across many states throughout the year. And they’re a great excuse to tell my parents, ‘Sorry, I can’t do my reading. I need to practice for Hurricane!” Taylor joked.

When asked about his big win, Taylor responded: “Winning the Major Championship at Crosswinds made me feel honored, encouraged, and inspired. But, I also realized I needed to up my game. I had a few misses on the greens because I rushed my short game. Note to self: Slow and steady wins the putt.” 

Off-Course Pursuits

When asked what he enjoys doing outside of golf, Taylor says: “When I’m not swinging clubs, I’m into building RC airplanes, fixing go-karts, playing musical instruments, speed cubing, and taking care of my pet ducks. Yes, ducks! I love anything that flies – golf balls, airplanes, and ducks.”

“I also play the trombone in our school band and march in the Acton Parade. The trombone and I have a deal: I won’t use it as a golf club, and it won’t pretend to be a flagpole.”

Future Plans

“I’m going to keep improving my golf game, and one day, I hope to play college golf and study engineering,” says Taylor. “Beyond college, maybe a pro golfer and an inventor. If you can’t play golf on the moon, you might as well build the spaceship to get there! Space golf is the future, and someone’s got to design those low-gravity golf balls.”

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