Player Spotlight: Josh Mauk Dominates at Major Championship

From the Lookout Mountains to the Tennessee Valley Railroad, Chattanooga Tennessee has a lot to offer. Another thing that it offers is an up-and-coming golfer who is tearing it up on the green and his name is Josh Mauk. With his focus and determination, he was able to crush the competition and win the Boys 16-18 Division at the Major Championship at the Medalist Avalon. Josh’s dominance didn’t stop at this tournament, He continued to showcase his talents the following week by coming in second in the Boys 16-18 Division at the Atlanta Junior Open at Bears Best!

With Josh winning against the other competitors, it was a successful day on the green for him. Josh felt good on the course, “I played solid both days and was able to make some birdies.” To make it even more special, he was able to capture the win on Mother’s Day with his mom in attendance! He took this special win to his Instagram and showed his love for his mother by stating, “Got the win for Momma.”

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Photo Credit- IG: @jay.mauk
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Photo Credit- IG: @jay.mauk

Josh Mauk on winning the Major Championship at the Medalist Avalon 

In Josh’s most recent win, he bulldozed the competition winning by ten strokes! On the day, he shot a total of 147 strokes with 73 on day one and 74 on day two. We wanted to know how Josh prepared for the tournament after seeing how well he was able to perform. Josh responded, “I practiced a lot and worked a lot on short game so if my irons and drives aren’t being hit well I have a backbone to score well.” Clearly, with Josh’s impressive win the practice most certainly paid off. He also stated, “I like to pick good lines on the tee box and think of where to be when I miss in practice rounds.”

When he is on the course and is at a tournament with us, we want to know what Josh enjoys most. Josh responded, “I love meeting new junior golfers and traveling to play new courses.” With his love for the game, it is no surprise that he loves traveling to new courses!

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What’s next for Josh Mauk

When asked what the future holds for Josh, he responded, “I want to play golf to the highest level God has planned for me.”

Josh wants people to know that he is a funny individual and is a very respectable golfer. Josh stated that he has now been “playing for two years and I’m excited to keep growing.” With the pace that Josh has been on in recent years, he is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the very near future. 


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