Player Spotlight: Ethan Farquharson

Out in Greenville, South Carolina, it is known for its great culture and entertainment. But, it will soon be known for the great golfer Ethan Farquharson who recently won the Boys 16 to 18 Division at the Atlanta Junior Open at Bears Best! Ethan showed up and showed out against the competition to bring home the title of champion. With this being Ethan’s first tournament with Hurricane, he said, “I really enjoyed meeting golfers from other states and enjoyed playing the course.” 

In the tournament, Ethan had a great two days on the green. On day one, he was able to shoot an impressive 74 strokes and followed it up with 81 strokes on his second day in the tournament. All together, Ethan shot a combined 155 strokes on the weekend and finished with a +11 in the tournament. For his first tournament, this is a very impressive win. Expect to see more of Ethan dominating the greens in future tournaments!

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Ethan Farquharson and His Thoughts 

Ethan wasn’t always playing competitively in golf. He played more casually when he was growing up and didn’t start playing competitively until the Summer of 2021! His passion and drive for the game of golf have sprouted over the last few years. He hopes one day that it can be his career.

After being able to win his division in the tournament, we asked Ethan how he prepared for it. He replied, “If I can, try to play a practice round at the course and leading up to the tournament focus a lot on my short game.” It is clear that the preparation Ethan did for the tournament paid off! Also, we wanted to know how he enjoyed his time at the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour. Ethan told us, “I really enjoyed meeting golfers from other states and enjoyed playing the course.”

So, what does the future look like for Ethan? In the Fall, Ethan will be starting the PGA Management Program at Coastal Carolina! Ethan also said, “looking towards a career in the golf industry.” Whether it is on or off the course, Ethan will always have golf in his life and will always strive for greatness.


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