Player Spotlight: Ciara Tzuo Takes Center Stage

The Big Apple has another star in the making.

Ciara Tzuo of New York, NY is rising to the top after winning in the Girls 14-18 Division at the Massachusetts Summer Junior Open. With this win, she secured her 5th Top 10 finish in 2024.

With 19 pars on her scorecard, Tzuo shot 80 in the first round and 79 in the second, for a combined total 159 for the weekend.

After her victory, we caught up with her to learn more about this fantastic young performer.

PlayerSpotlightBlog TZUO

“The HJGT tournaments are well organized, the signage is clear, we’re playing on great courses, and the live scoring app is great,” Tzuo said of her experience. “I also love how Hurricane is a nationwide tour, which gives me the opportunity to meet and compete with talented junior golfers from different regions.” 

When preparing for competition in upcoming tournaments, Tzuo says practice is key. Her preparation involves “practice, practice, practice.” Whether it’s improving her short game or more fitness-related practice, the 2027 grad says there is always something she is trying to improve. 

Off the course, Tzuo enjoys the world of performing arts and finds similarities in both crafts.

“Whether it’s on the golf course or on stage, you have to be entirely in the zone and fully embody the character or the shot,” she says.

When not on stage, Tzuo is an avid reader and writes for her school newspaper. 

Looking into the future, Tzuo would love to play golf in college. She just finished her first year on the high school team and loved being able to represent her school. She prides herself on the importance of balancing school and golf, so this summer, she hopes to sharpen her golf skills and learn from each tournament she participates in. 

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