Player Spotlight: Brian Kelley

Brian Kelley
HJGT Golfer Brian Kelley

Brian Kelley from Port St. Lucie, FL was the first-place finisher of the Boys U10 Division at the Palm Beach County Junior Open from Febraruy 24-25. Kelley scored 82 and 81, giving him a combined total of 163 strokes. In additiotion to the win last weekend, he also placed first at the Palm Beach Junior Open at Park Ridge from January 20-21. In January he shot an impressive 152 total for both days. We had the chance to catch up with Brian after his most recent win on the Tour.

What do you enjoy most about the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour?

– “I love the courses we get to play on. They are always challenging and not the same ones over and over. I also like the staff, they are organized, friendly and give us killer gifts – like packets of golf balls, shirts, and even a huge book about the top golf courses in the world!”

How do you prepare for a tournament?

– “I practice 2-3 times a week. I focus on what I think I need to work on from the last tournament I played. I sometimes play a practice round if my schedule allows.”

What are your career aspirations?

– “Since I was two I told my mom and dad I want to play in the PGA. My first goal is to make my Jr. High and High School teams while working hard with my new coaches, Warren Bottke, Roy Fankhauser and Chase Koepka to be one of the top 50 recruits for Division 1 College Golf.”

What is your dream course to play on?

– “I want to play in the Masters in Augusta. I’ve come close two times to making it to the Drive Chip Putt finals, maybe this year will be the year?!”

What do you want people to know about you?

– “That I love golf. I have a puppy named Eevee. I love to play Basketball, Football and Soccer when I’m not golfing. Oh, and I love to fish too!”

What advice do you have for other junior golfers?

–  “Don’t get mad when you have a bad round or shot. My parents taught me how to handle my thinking when I get mad and it’s helped a lot. Also, practice, practice, practice.”  

Brian has been killing it in the U10 division and we can’t wait to see what he wil accomplish the rest of this year on the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour.


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