Player Spotlight: Blaze Burt

The pressure was high and the competition was fierce. To get the win, this golfer had to stay locked in and keep his eyes on the prize. Yet, the competition was still no match for the freshman at Hinsdale Central in Illinois. This gifted golfer is none other than Blaze Burt from Hinsdale, IL. Blaze shot a very impressive 147 strokes for the Major Championship at Countryside. Blaze had 72 strokes in the first round followed by 75 strokes in the second. With this kind of impressive outing there is likely more to be seen of Blaze Burt!

Blaze has only been playing the great game of golf for the past 5 years! In only a few years, Blaze has been able to dominate against his competitors. He will usually play golf with his friends, brothers/sisters, and his dad. When wanting to know how often he plays golf and prepares for a tournament, he said, “any chance I can get.” With that being said, it was no surprise he was able to finish the tournament with a +3! In this kind of major win, the sky is the limit for what Blaze Burt can do when it comes to the game of golf!

PlayerSpotlightBlog BURT

The Future for Blaze Burt

Looking to the future, Blaze told us, “I plan to be an entrepreneur in the future.” The success that he sees on the golf course will hopefully carry over to his dreams of one day becoming an entrepreneur. As of right now he enjoys learning about biology and economics. Outside his love for golf, he also really enjoys basketball. Blaze even did the high jump for the first time this spring! With Blaze being an all around athlete, there is no doubt that there is more success to come in the upcoming events for Blaze Burt.

With all of the success Blaze has had on and off the green, it will definitely carry over to the next tournament he decides to compete in. Make sure to keep an eye out for this talented golfer in the near future. Stay tuned for more articles and Player Spotlight Blogs!


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