Austin Biedermann 

Sales and Service Manager
Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Austin has cultivated a deep passion for golf and sports from a young age. Over the past seven years, he has immersed himself in the golf industry, gaining invaluable experience and honing a diverse skill set through various roles at a local golf course. Starting as a cart attendant, Austin’s dedication and exceptional work ethic propelled him through the ranks to a managerial position. This journey has equipped him with a comprehensive knowledge of golf course operations, customer service excellence, and team leadership. Austin’s love for sports extends beyond the golf course. He is an avid football and soccer enthusiast, often spending his weekends cheering for his favorite teams. Additionally, Austin’s strong background in personal training highlights his commitment to fitness and wellness, underscoring his well-rounded expertise in both sports and health. With a blend of hands-on experience and a passion for athletic pursuits, Austin brings a unique and dynamic perspective to any team or project he joins. His ability to manage diverse responsibilities while fostering a positive and productive environment makes him a valuable asset in the world of sports management.