How to Apply for a Sports Internship

Sports Interns

While lounging back in your desk during a class lecture, those daydreams begin materializing and you don’t mind- you’re getting ready to graduate. In fact, you’re looking for an internship, excited for what the future holds and the real time work experience waiting for you before that hard earned diploma is placed in your eager palms during college graduation.

Applying for an internship is like reaching a pinnacle in your fledgling career. It’s that stepping stone between school and a professional job, where you’ll get to put your education to the test while developing new skills.

You may not even be a student- perhaps you want to look outside the box of your current job and try something new. No matter where you are in life, applying for an internship is a process that will give you the time and tasks to learn and grow in your career.

 If you love sports and dream of a career working alongside others who enjoy it just as much as you do, then a sports internship could be your ticket to career enrichment that allows you to promote yourself early on and stand out to employers in a competitive field. Here is some golden advice to keep in mind when applying for a sports internship.

  1. Choose your track: There are so many outlets to work     in when it comes to sports, from marketing to media and tournament     operations to medicine. Analyze your current skills and goals before     choosing a specific internship to pursue. Did you take a lot of media     courses in school? If so, then a marketing internship could be a good fit     for you.
  2. Show your passion: Why do you want a sports     internship? Organizations that are looking for interns want to know about     your interest in the sport, so take some time to think about a personal     experience to share when applying. Did you play the sport professionally     in college or high school? Did you take part in some type of club, camp or     volunteer event that is sports related? Let them know about it!
  3. Pick wisely: Don’t get too hasty with choosing an     organization that you’d like to work with. Remember, you want to get the     most out of your experience, as it will prepare you for graduation and a     career. What benefits does the organization offer its interns? How many     hours and what type of work can one expect? Will there be travel? These     are important questions to consider.
  4. Do your research: Before you rock up to your     interview, take some time to research the organization where you’re     applying for an internship. Get a feel for their mission and persona. Know     what it is they do exactly and what they look for in employees. Write down     some questions of your own to take with you to the interview.

Be confident: Smile! Shoulders back! Head up! When you go in for your internship interview, you want to exude confidence and passion. Speak clearly and with conviction. Show your interest and be comfortable in presenting yourself using past experiences as examples and showing interest in the organization’s mission. Go out there and get ‘em!

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