Junior Golf Scoreboard


All HJGT events on our schedule are ranked by JGS. To be eligible to be ranked in The Junior Golf Scoreboard rankings a player must meet the following criteria:

  • Has competed in 4 multi-day stroke play tournaments within the last 365 days for which we have received the results and they are listed by the same name and hometown.
  • Had their high school graduation year in their tournament record
  • Still be in high school or prior to August 1 after graduation.
  • Has competed in an age group that:
  • Completes at least 36 holes
  • Has a minimum of five competitors that complete all scheduled rounds
  • Has played from a minimum of 4,500 yards and not shorter than the forward most USGA rated tee
  • There is no stroke limit rule in place

How the Rankings are Computed:

We use three criteria to compute a players overall rank and against all players within their graduation class.

Individual Scoring

For the 65% of the player’s rounds that are his/her lowest scoring differentials, this is simply the average difference of their score compared to the USGA rating of the courses they played in their tournaments. In other words, how well this player score when playing in tournaments. This criteria counts for 65% of a player’s ranking calculation.

Strength of Field

The number displayed here is the result of our proprietary ranking formula that determines a score for all the tournaments played by this individual. Again, simply put, a lower number means they played against stronger players and the closer two players’ strength numbers are, the more similar the competitiveness of their tournaments. This criteria counts for 25% of a player’s ranking calculation.

Strength of Finish

This table displays the finishes for the player. Finishes count 10% in the ranking computation and are weighted in accordance with the number of players competed against or, in other words, the size of the field.

Special Note: The Junior Golf Scoreboard has made a conscious effort to rely more on scoring than on how big the tournaments were that a competitor played in. Selected national tournaments still play an important role in determining the rankings, but the system also lets any multi-day stroke play tournament count. The Junior Golf Scoreboard believes this will make for a more inclusive approach and will bring recognition to more players.

For additional information on the Junior Golf Scoreboard, please visit their website, www.juniorgolfscoreboard.com.

American Junior Golf Association Performance Based Entry

The American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) utilizes a Performance Based Entry process. This enables 12-18-year-old members to earn their way into AJGA Open tournaments based on performances at the national, regional and state levels. The player’s performance, not the AJGA, dictates acceptance into an event. The expanded opportunities to gain entry into AJGA events through success at the state and regional levels ensure all deserving juniors receive an opportunity to play in an AJGA event. To find out which HJGT events have guaranteed AJGA stars please visit each tournaments info page by clicking 2018 Tournament Schedule.

Golfweek/Titleist  Junior Rankings

The following list is an explanation of each category Sagarin uses to formulate his rankings.


This is NOT a stroke average. The rating is calculated using a player’s record, stroke differential and connection to all the other players in the database. However, It does represent the typical score you can expect a player to shoot; the difference between two ratings predicts the difference between two players in a typical round.


The average strength of each event in which the player has played, calculated using the power ratings of every player in every field.


This table displays the finishes for the player. Finishes count 10% in the ranking computation and are weighted The player’s schedule is ranked by difficulty among the entire database. accordance with the number of players competed against or, in other words, the size of the field.


A player’s won-lost-tied record, based on head-to-head competition, in each category. The winner in a 156-player field has a record of 155-0-0, the runner-up is 154-1-0, etc.

Please visit the schedule to find a list of events ranked by Golfweek. 2018 Tournament Schedule 

The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour has announced the release of their new free app for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android.