We have been hyper-focused on App technology over the last 18 months. We’ve released leading-edge services for the Player App, such as check-in, entering live scoring, and summoning a rules official. These services are designed to radically enhance the tournament experience for golfers and tournament staff.

Players can check-in to the tournament using a phone given to them by an HJGT staff member. Check-in activates player access to cutting-edge services like Aerial Views of Holes, Yardage Books, Hole Locations, GPS Distance, Pace of Play alerts, Leaderboards, Local Rules, Rules of Golf, the App Scorecard, and more. The phones are specially coded to be able to access this tournament related info only. No other features will be accessible.

Checking In 


Phones will be given out at Registration. Here a staff member will have your group checked in and available to answer any questions you may have.

*Please pass off the phone every 6 holes and clip it on your bag so it is accessible to every player in the group. 






Contacting HJGT Staff on the Course

You can either contact an HJGT staff member anytime through the HJGT app or by Video Calling from the phone.

Through the App

  1. Go to your tournament
  2. Click “Hole Info” on the first page
  3. Once in the “Hole Info”, select the hole you need a ruling on.
  4. Click “Summon Official” located below Local Rules.
  5. Choose where you need the official to meet you. Either Tee, Fairway or Green of that hole.
  6. Click "Summon Now"

Video Calling from the Phone

On the main screen of your phone, press the Contacts button.

Under the HJGT Tournament Director contact info, you will be able to video call your Tournament Director.

Course Details – Hole Info

  1. Tap “Hole Info” to go to Hole #1.
  2. Swipe left to scroll to next hole

Course Details – Yardage Book/Local Rules

The App provides access to a detailed and interactive Yardage Book. Distance to bunkers, hazards, targets and green (Front/Center/Back) are provided below the image for each hole.

  • Swipe up on the hole image to view the Yardage Book.

Course Details - Pace of Play Status & Alerts

  • Pace of play status is shown at the bottom of the screen.
  • Participants can always see what time they should finish each hole.
  • A can't-miss red message automatically alerts them if they fall behind


  1. Once checked-in, tap the tournament.
  2. Tap “Hole Info”
  3. Swipe left to get to scoring
  4. Under scores, click the number that matches how many strokes you finished the hole with.
  5. Once clicked, it automatically saves. Swipe Left to continue on to next hole.


  1. Click “LB” from the bottom bar (In-between Card and Info button)
  2. Select Age Group and View the Leaderboard


You will be able to access the leaderboard throughout your entire round and scores are updated instantly once submitted. You will now have the ability to know exactly where you stand throughout the event if you chose to use this feature.


A NEW and improved HJGT app will be released soon for both Android and iPhone!

coming soon!