For the 2022 season, the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour is partnering with Sqairz to host the third annual Junior Long Drive (JLD) Championship. This competition will allow juniorstest their Long Drive skills against the top competition in the U.S. throughout the year, where they have the chance to qualify to play “Under the Lights” on December 2nd, 2022 in Orlando FL. Each Junior that participates will receive Sta-Put laces, and cushioned compression socks.

Age Divisions

Boys 14-15
Boys 16-18
Girls 14-15
Girls 16-18

How to Qualify

There will be over 150 chances to qualify at multiple locations from February to November. Each of the qualifying rounds will be held on Saturdays following round 1 of the HJGT junior golf tournament on the driving range. Each player will have 2 minutes to hit 3 balls. The Junior who places first in their own division will be invited to play in the finals at 5PM on December 2nd, 2022 during National Championship Weekend.

Championship Event

The Junior Long Drive Championship will be held ‘Under the Lights’ following the semifinals. The Championship will be made up of the TOP Juniors from each division. The Top players will be ranked based on their long drive from the season. There were sponsorship exemptions given for this year. If you are a sponorship exemption, you have been placed on the rankings board from when you registered for the event.The Championship will be a match play bracket style event based on division. The first round of the bracket will have buy ins, if you are not in the top number for your division you will go head to head to earn a spot to round two.

Age Division Bracket Buy Ins
Boys 14-15: Top 32
Boys 16-18: Top 32
Girls 14-15: Top 16
Girls 16-18: Top 8

Players will be given 1 minute and 30 seconds to hit three balls. The higher seed will hit first. The best ball out of the players three shots will be placed on the bracket. This is a single elimination bracket, once the junior is eliminated they will need to leave the player bay. At the end there will only be ONE winner per division. Each winner will win a prize and the crown jeweled Junior Long Drive Belt.

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