When will I be granted access into my Premium Junior Golf Hub account?

Those who have purchased the Premium HJGT Membership will get Premium access to Junior Golf Hub and will receive a welcome email from the Hub with a link to create their login credentials. The Premium Junior Golf Hub access with be available from January 1st, 2023 - December 31st, 2023.

What if I’m on the Waitlist?

If you are on the Waitlist, you will be contacted if/when there is availability for you to sign up to be in the tournament.  If you are invited into an event, you will be charged whatever the current registration price is at the time you are invited.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

The HJGT will offer families discounts that have two or more junior golfers.  Participants who register one player at the current member registration rate will be eligible to register their sibling for $25 OFF the current member registration rate. In order to receive this discount BOTH players MUST be members and you MUST call the HJGT office and sign up both players at the same time. This rate is not available online and cannot be adjusted once the regular rate has been charged. Sibling rate cannot be combined with any other offers, for only Open events.

Where do I direct any questions, comments or feedback about the tour?

You can direct any questions, comments or feedback to info@hjgt.org. You may also call our main offices at 407-614-2962.

Do the prices change for each registration?

Yes, the registration price for each event will vary based upon the event and the time of purchase.

How do I get a credit?

Tour Credit/Transfer Policy

The HJGT has a NO REFUND POLICY on any and all Memberships and Event Registrations purchased.  The following Tour Credit policy has been issued for ALL Event Registrations.  Before withdrawing from a tournament please review our policies.  All WD requests must be submitted via email to info@hjgt.org. Your email will be returned within 48 hours. In the email please include the player’s name, reason for WD, and which option below you would like to choose. Please note that WD’s cannot be accepted over the phone and must be in writing. No exceptions will be made for any reason.

- Requests for Tour Credit that are received prior to 13 days before the first round will be honored for the full entry fee paid.

- Requests for Tour Credit that are received between 12 – 7 days before the first round will be honored minus 50% of the entry fee paid.

- No credits or transfers will be issued if a participant cancels their entry 6 days or less prior to the first round. No exceptions will be made and no Tour Credits will be given.

* If you withdraw and receive Tour Credit, and then decide to enter back into the event you withdrew from, you must pay whatever the current registration price is at the time you re-register for the event.

Can I get into a tournament after the registration deadline?

In the event the field is not full 10 days before the 1st round, the HJGT may allow late addition players after the deadline. This is solely at the discretion of the HJGT staff and the HJGT reserves the right to add any player after the deadline. We highly encourage players to register as soon as they can as the majority of HJGT events in fill up before the deadline.

What is your pace of play policy?

HJGT Pace of Play Policy

When the first player in a group has begun play on their 1st hole all players in the group are deemed to be on the clock and subject to timing. Additional info:

All 18 holes on the golf course will be considered a checkpoint.

The HJGT will utilize a color-coded card system (Green cards and Red cards).

An HJGT staff member, inside the scoring area, will confirm penalties with groups.

It’s the players responsibility to know what color cards they receive throughout the round.

The 1st group of the day is measured against time par until they get into position with any group in front of them.

Timing Cards

Green Card– Your group is in position AND/OR under the allotted time through that checkpoint

Red Card– Your group is out of position AND over the allotted time par (BOTH conditions MUST be met).

1st missed checkpoint – warning* (warning remains for duration of the round)

2nd missed checkpoint – liable to a penalty of one stroke

3rd missed checkpoint – liable to an additional penalty of two strokes

4th missed checkpoint – liable to disqualification

*Once a group receives a red card, they will have 2 holes to get either back in position OR under time par. If after 2 holes the group is still out of position AND over time par the group is liable to receive another red card.

When the group is back in position OR under time par they will receive a green card.

*When a group falls behind- regardless of the reason it must regain its position. Time for ball searches, rulings and walking time between holes is included in all maximum allowable times

*The group will be liable to penalties if in the Committee’s view a reasonable effort was not made by the players to complete their round within the allotted time. Any penalties will be confirmed and issued in the scoring area. No conversation or issuing of penalties will take place on the course.


Overall time par: is the allotted time expected that all groups will complete a round based on golf course and weather conditions, setup, forced walks and quality of field.

A player is allowed 40 seconds to play a shot. A competitor’s time begins when the competitor has had a reasonable opportunity to reach his or her ball, can do so without interference or distraction. Play ready golf.

In position times are measured from “Flagstick to Flagstick”. Your group time begins when the group in front of you replaces their flagstick and ends when your group replaces the flagstick.

Out of Position: When the group falls more than 15 minutes behind the group in front of them (flagstick to flagstick time).

The HJGT encourages ready golf and strives for rounds under 4-hours and 30-minutes.

What is your caddie policy?

The Boys U10 and Girls U13 are allowed to use caddies at all events.

For all Major Championships, all divisions are allowed caddies.

Along with the use of caddies comes strict guidelines and polices that all players and caddies will be held to.


• Caddies will be allowed to transport the player’s clubs and equipment.

• Caddies will be allowed to search for a player’s golf ball

• Caddies will be allowed to clean a players golf ball

• Caddies will be able to give players advice (Pace of Play Policy will be strictly enforced)

• Caddies will be allowed to transport a player only when shuttle holes have been designated on the Notice to Competitors, during evacuation/restart or back to a previous spot in order play in accordance with Rule 20-5 and then back to where the player was picked up. Penalty for breach of the Transportation Condition is: Two strokes for each hole at which the breach occurred; maximum penalty per round is four strokes.

Do I have to be a member to play on your tour?

The HJGT is open to Members and Non-Members, however our Members do enjoy the biggest discounts and the most exclusive benefits. To sign up for a membership, CLICK HERE!

If I am interested in an internship, how do I apply?

If you are interested in applying for an internship position with the HJGT, please email your resume and cover letter to internships@hjgt.org. Qualified candidates will be contacted for interviews. We are accepting all Applications for all program internship periods. Please specify what position you are applying for in the email subject line when you submit your resume and cover letter and whether you want to intern in the Spring, Summer and or Fall.

How long does the membership last?

The 2023 Membership lasts from January 1st – December 31st, 2023.

Become a member today by clicking HERE!

What is your tour's office hours?

Monday-Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm. After hours please email us at info@hjgt.org

How do I register for a tournament?

Under the tournaments tab on our website, you will see the schedule. That will redirect you to ShotStat where you will find all of our upcoming events. If you're still having trouble, you can call the office at 407-614-2962 and register over the phone.

How do I get in touch with a member of the Junior Golf Hub?

Chatbot:  Active on www.juniorgolfhub.com and inside the app 9-5pm, Mon. - Fri.

Phone:  888-209-7410 available 9-5pm, Mon. - Fri.

Email:  admin@juniorgolfhub.com, response time <24hrs

Other:  https://juniorgolfhub.com/contact/, response time <24hrs

How do I confirm I am signed up for a tournament?

Once you finish registering for an event, you will find yourself on the active players list. The HJGT also sends you an email notification of your registration status.

Do your events attract college coaches?

Yes. We have coaches come from all of the country that come out to our events. They also actively email us for results and ask about upcoming events and their respective field. We provide coaches with player info daily. We also host a series of events on or near college campuses to help assist players with campus visits and to make it easier for coaches to come out and watch.


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September 17, 2023
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Myrtle Beach Fall Junior Open

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September 17, 2023
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Jacksonville Fall Junior Open

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September 17, 2023
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South Jersey Junior Open

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September 17, 2023
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Minneapolis Fall Junior Open

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St. Louis Fall Junior Open

September 16, 2023
September 17, 2023
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PGA National Fall Junior Open Presented By BioSteel

September 9, 2023
September 10, 2023
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