Player Spotlight: Owen Ciesielka catches fire to win in playoff

The weekend’s heat lit a spark under some of our competitors at the Philadelphia Summer Junior Open. And for Owen Ciesielka, that spark helped him catch fire in his big win at the tournament.

Owen didn’t have to travel far from his hometown West Chester, PA to capture the victory this weekend. Battling the heat, the 13-year old outlasted competitors Christos Bottos of Berwyn, PA and Eric Cunningham of Wayne, PA in a 3-player playoff.  

 “I was excited to win in my first competitive playoffs,” said Ciesielka.

Since the age of four, Ciesielka has had a golf club in his hands. But at age 11, he began taking the sport more seriously. Since then, he’s become “obsessed” with golf, enough to play as many as 50+ holes in a single day.

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More about Owen Ciesielka

Owen has been enjoying his time on the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour. The tour allows him to travel to many new and unique courses as well as being able to meet new people along the way. The key to his recent victory, Owen says, is “hitting fairways and really working on my short game.”

Looking into the future, Owen has his eyes set on the high school golf team, and then he wants to play in college as well. “Golf is a lifelong sport that I want to continue to improve at every day.”

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