2015 Tournament Operations Internship

Interns will learn how to operate golf tournaments through their be active involvement with all aspects of tournament operations from course setup to course breakdown under the direct supervision and mentorship of HJGT staff members. The internship will require extensive travel, on average, 3-4 weekends per month across the country, including: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, Louisiana, and North Carolina via company truck. When interns are not traveling they will be provided business operation training in the office through learning what must be done to prepare for upcoming tournaments with HJGT staff members, including the Director of Marketing.  Normal business operation hours are 9am-5pm. Interns will receive up to two days of free time per week. The following information will help you gain an understanding of the HJGT internship. Please visit the HJGT’s website for more information about who we are before applying at www.hjgt.org. Internship Dates: Spring 2015 January-May Summer 2015 May-August Fall 2015 August-December Intern Assignments: Tournament Set-Up and Preparation Includes, but is not limited to: -       Marking of Golf Course -       Tee and Hole Locations -       Scoreboard Set-Up -       Utility Set-Up Tournament Duties Includes, but is not limited too: -       Starting and Scoring of Players -       On Course Rules Officiating -       Pace of Play Management Pre- and Post-Press Releases Constant Website Updates Sales and Marketing of Tour and Upcoming Tournaments Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, You Tube) Tour Promotions Create Weekly tournament videos uploaded to You Tube Qualifications: Knowledge of the Rules of Golf Not required, but recommended Strong Customer Service Skills Ability to Communicate with Children and their Parents Great Organizational Skills Energetic Personality Working towards bachelor degree Willingness to Work 45- 50 hours per week Willingness to be on the road for 10-12 weeks at one time Ability to lift at least 15 pounds Valid Driver’s License Self Motivated and Hard-Working Strong written skills Ability to Multi-Task and Accept Challenges in a Fast-Paced Environment Passion for the Game of Golf Basic Computer Skills (Microsoft Office)

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