The HJGT would like to thank the following sponsors for their continued support:


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The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour is proud to announce our continued relationship with HJ Glove for the 2018 season. All members will receive a custom HJGT logo glove. HJ Glove strives to be the finest golf glove in the world, offering comfort, fit, and quality. With thirty years in the business, HJ Glove provides the opportunity to customize your gloves, as well as custom packaging. Get the HJGT mobile app today and receive your free HJ Glove! For more information visit:


srixon HJGT Sponsor

The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour is exhilarated to announce their partnership with Srixon and Cleveland Golf for the 2017 season. The Srixon Z-Star and Z-Star XV will be the official golf balls of the Tour. Sign up for a tournament today and receive your dozen at registration! For years, the staff at Srixon has worked tirelessly in the lab and on the course in the pursuit of the perfect golf ball, which still remains their focus to this day. Forever living by their mission to make golfers better, one shot, one round, and one weekend at a time, the Z-Star Tour Balls are Srixon’s greatest innovation to date. Srixon hopes to be there for all the golfers who play with HJGT on their journey to better. Check out for more info!



Pinhigh HJGT Sponsor

The HJGT is proud to announce Pin High as our continued apparel sponsor for 2017. Through use of premium fabrics and functional design, Pin High products support moisture management, breathability, and odor control, as well as prevention of piling and snagging. The unequaled performance of Pin High’s products has allowed them to reach its goal of offering players the finest performance apparel in golf. Ever wonder where our tournament directors get those snazzy HJGT branded shirts? Look no further by visiting


Eco Golf Logo  HJGT Sponsor

ECO Golf and its new performance RR Tee has become the official tee of the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour. As the official tee of the HJGT, ECO Golf supplies the HJGT with logo tees. ECO Golf started in 2005 with the goal in mind to minimize pollution and environmental impact, all while making a great product. The tees are made from recycled and other scrap materials with additional chemicals, and the tees are biodegradable yet durable. Visit their website at

Us Specialty Coatings HJGT Logo

US Specialty Coatings is the official paint sponsor of the HJGT. US Specialty coatings marking paint will be used at all HJGT events to ensure the best quality. US Specialty Coatings is a leader in the industry and has been the official paint of all USGA championships since 2010. Visit their website at

The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour has announced the release of their new free app for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android.