Winters and Thorpe to speak at TC

Jacksonville, Fl (November 20).  With only two weeks to go before the Tour Championship, the HJGT is pleased to announce today that both Jim Thorpe and Dr. Bob Winters will serve as speakers at a special dinner on Friday, December 7th at 6pm for all those junior golfers competing in the Tour Championship.  This year, the Tour Championship will feature over 200 junior golfers from all across the world, including golfers from as far away as Germany, Nigeria, China, Colombia, and Malaysia to name only a few of the different countries that will be represented.  Leading up to the tour championship, the HJGT hosted well over 60 events throughout 2012, and although not all of the tournament winners from those events could make it to the championship, many of the tournament winners as well as many of the top finishers throughout the year will be in Orlando to compete. Jim Thorpe, who currently plays on the Champions Tour, is one of the more avid supporters of junior golf.  A graduate of Morgan State University, Thorpe played on the PGA Tour for several seasons, where he was able to win the Seiko-Tucson Match Play Championship two years in a row.  Thorpe has 3 PGA Tour wins and 13 Champions Tour wins.  In more recent times though, Thorpe has acted a mentor to junior golfers throughout the world by raising money and assisting organizations such as the First Tee, Boys and Girls Club, Birdies 4Braves, YMCA, Youth4Golf, amongst many other organizations.  In January of this year, Jim was named the Ambassador of the Tobago Junior Golf Academy in Trinidad, where he currently helps to assist in the development of junior golfers both on and off the course.  In his spare time, Jim enjoys spending time with his four daughters, and enjoys hunting, watching horse races, as well as playing a mean game of pool. Dr. Bob Winters is a very well known individual throughout the golf community.  Throughout the years, Dr. Winters has served various roles throughout the community, including playing at a professional level, serving as a college coach, as well as most recently serving as a mental conditioning coach, (Dr. Winters has a PhD in Sports Psychology from the University of Virginia).  Perhaps one of the wisest things Dr. Winters has said throughout the years is that “the greatest performers in the world recognize the value of mental and emotional skills training because they realize it gives them the winning edge.”  This philosophy has allowed Dr. Winters to work with some of the finer academic institutions, as well as coach countless numbers of individual players.  One of Dr. Winter’s greatest passions is his love for helping people succeed, which is evident by the countless numbers of lifelong friendships Dr. Winter’s has made along the way.    

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