The Dallas Classic July 23-24, 2016

The Dallas Classic at The Golf Club of Dallas

 The Golf Club of Dallas, TX

(July 23-24, 2016)


The (100° hot) Dallas Classic

  On July 23rd and 24th 2016, the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour traveled to Dallas, Texas to host the Dallas Classic at the Golf Club of Dallas. The course was beautiful with long par fours, which had these creeks that followed along the sides of almost every hole. These creeks, sometimes not visible from the tee boxes created challenges for players to break par. Saturday’s tee began at 11:30 am, and the Sun was blazing hot. Temperatures reached an astonishing high of 102. Sunday’s tee off began bright and early with temperatures nearly the same as Saturdays. Overall, all the players were able to adapt well and play like champions despite the highest temperatures recorded for Dallas this summer. Winners in all four age divisions will receive an automatic bid to the National Championship on December 3rd and 4th, 2016. The weekend was unbeatable all around, and the top ten finishers also received points towards end year honors, which include state teams, all HJGT teams, and the Hurricane Cup.  

Boys 16-18 Division

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In the boys 16-18 division Preston McGinty of Lorena, Tx, left the course with the first place trophy. McGinty had two nice rounds of 77 and 73. His tournament total was 150 with six birdies in the tournament. Brannon McCabe of Granburry, Tx went home with the second place trophy. McCabe had a round one score of 78 and cut three strokes in round two for a 75. His tournament total was 153. Will Fore went home with the third place trophy. Fore had a round one and second round score of 77 and a grand total of a 154. This was quite the competitive group of boys and they all played very well both days.        

Boys 14-15 Division

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In the boys 14-15 age division, Brayden Marris of Tyler, TX played strong both days and took home the first place trophy. Marris first round score was 76 and his second round score was even at 70. His tournament total was 146, which gave him the lowest overall boys score. Mariano Barbosa from Dallas, Tx took home the second place trophy. Barbosa had a first round lead with a score score of 73 and on the second day cut his score to a 76. A two round total of 149. Jackson Nottingham of Paris, TX took home the third place trophy. Nottingham’s first round score was an 85 and on day two he cut his score by 9 strokes scoring 74. His final score was 159. These boys showed they have a lot of talent and we hope they keep competing throughout the years.        

Girls 14-18 Division

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In the girls 14-18 division, Ashley Liu of Plano, TX took home the first place trophy. Welch had a first round score of 78 and cut three strokes in round two for a one under score of 75. Her tournament total was 153 with seven birdies. A three-way tie for second place, Annaliesia Salazar of Batch Springs, TX, Janane Tan of Coppel, TX and Jaqueline Moreno all took home second place with a two day total of 163. Salazar 85 and a 78 respectively. Salazar came out with 4 birdies and finishing 2 under on the back nine of the second day. Janane Tan had a round one score of 80 and a round two score of 83 with a great birdie finish. Our third second place winner was awarded to Jaqueline Moreno where she shot an 80 on day one and 83 on day two. Moreno had birdied the par 3, hole 13 on both days that helped contribute to her second place win. Our third place winner was Caitlyn Lindell of Grand Prairie, TX she shot an 81 and 83 respectively. In round one of the tournament Lindell secured three birdies. This was a competitive group of girls with bright futures in golf.      

Girls U13 Division

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In the girls U13 division, Miyoko Tan, of Coppel, TX took home the first place trophy. Tan had a round one score of 84 and a round two score of 91. Her tournament total was 175. Tan finished the tournament with one birdie and 14 pars. Jj Betz took home second place. Betz had a first round score of 95 and cut two strokes in the second round score of a 93. Her tournament total was 188. The third place winner was Kennedi Lee from Grand Prairie, TX. She shot a 107 and 105. Lee’s total score for the tournament was 212. All three of the girls proved they knew how to continually battle through this weekends extreme hot weather.        


Saturday: High 90’s low 100’s, Sunny

Sunday: High 90’s low 100’s, Sunny

Tournament Yardages:

Boys 16-18/Boys 14-15: 6,601 yards

Girls 14-18/Boys 11-13: 5,599 yards

Girls 13U/Boys 10U: 5,304 yards

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