Temeku Hills Junior Shootout, February 18-19, 2017

Temeku Hills Junior Shootout

  On Thursday, February 16th, the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour arrived in Temecula, CA to host the Temeku Hills Junior Shootout, which took place at The Legends Golf Club.  Seventeen junior golfers arrived early on Saturday morning ready the difficult course and the subpar weather conditions.  The tournament consisted of five divisions: Boys 16-18, Girls 14-18, Boys 11-13, Girls 13 and Under and Boys 10 and Under.  The entire tournament battled the swirling winds, chilly weather and unpredictable rain, while still being able to post low scores and have fun on the course.  Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings were on the line for Boys ages 16-18 and Girls 14-18.   Boys 16-18 Division

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The Boys 16-18 Division consisted of six competitors this weekend that were from four different states.  This division was led by Will Hedberg, who came all the way from Maple Plain, MN to compete in this tournament.  Will came out strong on Saturday by posting a score of 78, which ended being the best round in this division.  Sam then followed his round one score with a tally of 81 on the final day.  Along with Will’s exceptional play, his sportsmanship stood out in this tournament.  He was quick to compliment others on quality shots and would always help the other golfers in his group, whether it was flagging down an official or tending the flag.  Right on Will’s heels was Andrew Davis, from Highlands Ranch, CA.  Andrew’s round one score of 81 put him in the final group for Sunday and in a great position to contend for the win.  On the final day, Andrew one upped his round one score and shot an 80, which resulted in a second-place finish in a highly competitive tournament.  Christian Schrodt rounded out the top 3 with a total score of 162, which was split evenly between both days.  This consistent play will help Christian compete throughout the rest of his golf career! We would like to thank all the participants who were with us this weekend and we wish them all luck in their upcoming tournaments.   Girls 14-18 Division

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The Girls 14-18 Division also consisted of six players.  Nicole Suppelsa, from Rollins Hills Estates, CA was in control of her game from the start of this tournament, and it showed in the scores she posted.  Nicole had rounds of 76 and 73, for a total of 149.  These scores were the best two rounds for the entire tournament and Nicole should be very proud of the way she performed this weekend!  With this win, Nicole received an invitation to the HJGT National Championship that takes place in Orlando in December. In second place was Sydney Scraba, from Calgary, AB.  Sydney shot an 86 on the first day and bettered that score with an 84 on Sunday.  Sydney played well on a tough course and we hope to see her again in future tournaments!  Camilla Chung ended up taking third place with a two day total of 173.  Camilla’s first round of 79 was very impressive and she has a bright future ahead of her.  We would like to thank all the girls who competed in this division and hope to see them soon!   Boys 11-13

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The winner of the Boys 11-13 Division was Luke Powell, who had rounds of 80 and 81 for a 161 total and his third win of the year!  Luke has been on fire whenever he steps on the course and he has been fun to watch.  Luke has great control of his irons and shows exceptional touch around the green.  James Whitworth had rounds of 84 and 87 on a difficult course with even more difficult conditions.  James was very exciting to watch, with his high draws and the amount of creativity he showed around the green. We hope to see both boys in tournaments in the future!   Boys 10 and Under

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The Boys 10 and Under Division was lead by Andre Chung from San Francisco, CA.  Andre continued his phenomenal play from the previous weekend at San Jose and had rounds of 82 and 79.  Andre is a great player and his consistency is truly amazing.  He is highly meticulous in the way he approaches the course and will continue to finish high in any tournament that he enters!  With this win, Andre will receive an invitation to the HJGT National Championship that takes place in Orlando in December.            Girls 13 and Under

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Meghan Royal from Carlsbad, CA was the winner of the Girls 13 and Under division. Meghan had rounds of 90 and 88 for a total of 178.  Meghan did a great job keeping her shots low and out of the wind, which helped her post her low scores.  She was also very proficient on the greens, which were very fast this weekend, even with the rain that fell.  We would like to congratulate Meghan on her win!                                                                 Weather: February 18-19, 2017:

Round 1: Low 42, High 57. Partly cloudy, Wind 5-10 mph.

Round 2: Low 41, High 55.  Cloudy and rainy, Wind 10-15 mph.

Tournament Division Yardages

Boys 16-18: 6,544 Yards

Girls 14-18: 5,631Yards

Boys 11-13: 5,631 Yards

Girls 13 and Under: 5,120 Yards

Boys 10 and Under: 5,120 Yards


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