South Florida Junior Classic, November 17-18

Port St. Lucie, FL (Nov 18) With only three weeks to go until the Tour Championship, the HJGT headed to Port St. Lucie for the South Florida Junior Classic at Sandpiper Golf Club at Club Med.  In this two day tournament, which featured junior golfers from Florida, New York, and even Mexico, the competition level was  at a high as three of the four divisions were decided by only two shots or less.  Fans and spectators as well as the players alike were also treated with phenomenal weather as the sun was shining with temperatures staying in the mid 70's all throughout the tournament.   In the Boy's 15-18 Division, Hiroyuki Ukigaya of Port St. Lucie, Florida was declared the victor.  In his come from behind victory, Ukigaya started the second round in the middle of the pack tied for ninth.  On the second day of play, Ukigaya struggled early on beginning with three consecutive bogeys, however, it wasn't until the fourth hole, that Ukigaya regained his composure by sinking an impressive birdie shot as well as making birdies on two other holes in his front nine to win the division.  In addition to his first place, 150(+10) finish, Ukigaya also won the Par 3 Performance Challenge as well as coming in second in the Par 4 Performance Challenge to overall 2nd place finisher Bradley Wonka of Vero Beach Florida.  Wonka, who has played in a couple of other HJGT tournaments this year, narrowly missed winning first place by finishing only one stroke behind the leader with a total score of 151(+11).  In a very close contest, both Wonka and Ukigaya were tied heading into the last hole.  In the first round, Wonka was able to birdie the 18th hole as Ukigaya double bogeyed the challenging Par 4 hole.   Although it seemed that Wonka had an advantage heading into the last hole since he had birdied it on the first day, that turned out to be untrue as Wonka struggled on the hole as he sunk a bogey and Ukigaya shot at par.  Although he was unable to win his division, it should be noted that Wonka won the Par 4 Performance challenge in addition to his second place finish.  Rounding out the top three in the Boys 15-18 Division was Connor O'Rourke of Jupiter, Florida.  O'Rourke was tied for first in the most par shots sunk and had a two day score of 153(+13).   In his second consecutive first place finish, Josh Lewis of Lake Mary, Florida won the Boys 11-14 Division.  Lewis, who won the Central Florida Junior Classic just last weekend, finished with a tournament best 140(E), in addition to sinking a very impressive eagle on the 17th hole in the first round.   After the first round, Lewis set the bar high by shooting a stellar 67(-3), in fact, after the first round, Lewis held a 6 stroke lead over 2nd place finisher Kritsarin Oukosavanna of Port St. Lucie.  With a comfortable lead heading into the last round, Lewis was able to relax all throughout the second day as he remained ahead by at least 5 strokes all throughout the second round.  With his impressive overall performance that saw him leading throughout, Lewis was also able to claim the Par 3, 4, and Par 5 performance challenges as well.  One other player, who deserves recognition for their performance in this division, is Jake Holt of West Palm Beach, Florida.  Holt was able to finish tied for second because of his phenomenal second round score of 70(E).   Coming in first in the Girls 15-18 Division was Ashley Turnquest of Loxahatchee, Florida.  After the first round, Turnquest shot a 79(+9), which was good enough for second place.  Although she was down after the first round, Turnquest was able to shake some early second round jitters and come back to claim the division by sinking four par shots in the last 5 holes.  Finishing very close behind Turnquest in second place with a score of 159(+19) was Anastasia Talalenko of Naples, Florida.  Talalenko, who led after the first round, remained in a close competition with Turnquest as she led by one stroke heading into the 15th hole.  Talalenko triple bogeyed the challenging 15th hole, however, thereby giving Turnquest the lead and the go ahead victory.   It should be noted that although she was unable to win the tournament, Talalenko was able to win the Par 4 Performance Challenge and sink the most par shots.  Coming in third for the Girls 15-18 Division was Rima Antous of Port St. Lucie.  In addition to her third place finish, Antous also won the Par 5 Performance with an average of 5.50.     Winning the Girls 11-14 Division was Gabrielle Correia of Tuxedo Park, New York.  Correia, who was playing in her first HJGT event of the year, narrowly edged out Paige Lee Garris of West Palm Beach, Florida, by just one stroke.  In fact, both competitors shot an 84(+14) on their first day of play, and it wasn't until the very end of the second round that a winner was decided.  Going into the 17th hole, both Gerris and Correia were tied.  It wasn't until Garris missed a put for par on 17, however, that Correia was able to gain a one stroke lead.  On the 18th hole, Garris was unable to sink a birdie put which, saw the second round come to an end with Correia the winner.  Although she didn't win, Garris was able to sink the most birdies as well as win the Par 4 Performance Challenge, while Correia won the Par 3 Peformance Challenge.  Taking home the third place trophy for the Girls 11-14 Division was Hannah Foster of Hobe Sound, Florida.  Foster shot a two day total of 180(+40), in addition to winning the Par 5 Performance Challenge.   Weather: Saturday: Temperature in the mid to high 70’s, sunny skies Sunday: Temperature in the mid 70′s, sunny skies, moderate wind   Tournament Yardages: Boys 15-18 Division: 6475 Boys 11-14 Division: 5989 Girls 15-18 Division: 5556 Girls 11-14 Division: 5010   Tournament Awards:Boys 15-18 Division:

EFX Birdie Challenge: Hiroyuki Ukigaya Seaforth Par 4 Performance: Bradley Wonka Coolheads Par 5 Performance: Michael Cecelia   Girls 15-18 Division: EFX Birdie Challenge: Ashley Turnquest Seaforth Par 4 Performance: Anastasia Talalenko Coolheads Par 5 Performance: Rima Antous   Boys 11-14 Division: EFX Birdie Challenge: Cole Sposato Seaforth Par 4 Performance: Josh Lewis Coolheads Par 5 Performance: Josh Lewis   Girls 11-14 Division: EFX Birdie Challenge: Gabrielle Correia Seaforth Par 4 Performance: Paige Lee Garris Coolheads Par 5 Performance: Hannah Foster   About Us: The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT) was founded in 2008 with the intention of providing junior golfers between the ages of 11-18 an opportunity to play exceptional courses in a competitive environment. Golfers who participate on tour will compete in one of four age divisions: Boys 15-18 Division, Boys 11-14 and Girls 15-18 Division and 11-14 Division. Based out of Jacksonville, FL, the HJGT administers events all across the southeast, with stops in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.

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