San Diego Junior Shootout March 25th & 26th, 2017

San Diego Junior Shootout

March 25th & 26th, 2017

  On Thursday, March 23rd, the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour arrived in San Marcos, CA to host the San Diego Junior Open, which took place at the Twin Oaks Golf Course.  Twenty-three junior golfers arrived early on Saturday morning ready to take advantage of a beautiful golfing weather on a difficult course.  The tournament consisted of five divisions: Boys 16-18, Girls 14-18, Boys 14-15, Boys 11-13 and Boys 10 and Under.  The entire tournament field enjoyed the southern California weather, in route to a fun and exciting tournament.  Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings were on the line for Boys 16-18, Boys 14-15 and Girls 14-18.   Boys 16-18 Division

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The Boys 16-18 Division consisted of five golfers, who were all within twelve strokes of each other when the tournament finished.  At the top of the division sat Alec Mower, who shot a 77 on the first day and followed up that performance with a 79.  This total of 156 was enough to give him the victory and earn him a spot in our national championship this December in Orlando, FL. Dawson Wills, who came all the way from Chaska, MN to play in this tournament, came in second place with scores of 89 and 76.  This 165 total edged him in front of the third place finishers and Dawson should be highly satisfied with the way he finished the tournament.  Third place was shared by two friends, Bryce Krautstrunk and Caleb Lattin.  Both golfers total scores were 167 and it was fin watching both their talented shots, as well as their friendship on the course.  We wish all the competitors the best of luck in the rest of their tournaments this year and we hope to see them back with the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour.   Boys 14-15 Division

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The Boys 14-15 Division was all ready to score low on a tough course.  Andrew Yong H. Jung was posted the low rounds of the tournament by shooting a 2 under, 70 on both days.  This complete score of 140 was the best of the tournament and it was an impressive showing by this young golfer.  Andrew was very precise in his game and it showed in his final score.  Coming in second was Mikey Russello, who posted rounds of 85 and 83.  Mikey’s final score of 168 was enough to bump him into a solid second place finish on a difficult and dangerous course.  Coming in third place was Stanley Wu, who is a familiar face around our West Coast tournaments and it was nice to see him put two solid rounds together for a top three finish.  Stanley had rounds of 82 and 88 for a grand total of 170.  We want to thank all the golfers that came out and participated with us this weekend and we hope to see them soon.   Girls 14-18 Division

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The Girls 14-18 Division had eight junior golfers who came out and competed this weekend.  Many of the golfers were with the Dan Campbell Golf Academy, who we would like to thank for participating this weekend.  Taylor Harvey sat atop the leaderboard after two days with a total score of 165.  Taylor had rounds of 83 and 82, which were fantastic rounds on this difficult course.  Taylor was very fun to watch, with her powerful swing and booming drives.  Two golfers came in a tie for second place, Mariah Moon and Kylee Loewe.  Both ladies shot an 82 on the first day and an 85 on the second day! They were consistent in their play with each other and each golfer has a promising future within the sport.  We would like to thank each golfer who participated this weekend and we wish them the best of luck in their future tournaments.   Boys 11-13 Division 

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The Boys 11-13 Division contained four junior golfers, with some new faces.  The first place trophy was held by Alex Jung at the end of the tournament, who had a grand total of 153.  This grand total was reached by rounds of 80 and 73.  Alex is an amazing young golfer and he possesses an impressive amount of power along with accuracy.  Coming in second place was Luke Powell, who has been involved in multiple tournaments with us this year.  Luke posted round of 82 and 79 to reach a grand total of 161.  Luke played a great couple rounds and his driving accuracy is top notch!  He is a fun player to watch and we hope to see him soon.  Coming in third place was Bijah LaFollette, who ventured from New York to compete!  Bijah is a very energetic and intelligent golfer who had rounds of 99 and 94.  Good luck to the boys in this division while they compete in their tournaments across the country.   Boys 10 and Under Division 

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Dane LaFollette claimed the title for the Boys 10 and Under division.  Dane is Bijah’s younger brother and he also came across the country to compete with us.  Dane had a fun tournament and he was very happy to go home with a large, first place trophy!  We would like to thank Dane for playing with us this weekend and we hope to see him again.    

Weather: March 25-26, 2017:

Round 1: Low 56, High 65. Cool and cloudy, Wind 5-10 mph.

Round 2: Low 54, High 69. Sunshine and warm, Wind 5-10 mph.

Tournament Division Yardages

Boys 16-18: 6,478 Yards

Boys 14-15: 6,478 Yards

Girls 14-18: 5,737 Yards

Boys 11-13: 5,737 Yards

Boys 10 and Under: 5,139 Yards

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