Sacramento Junior Shootout, March 4th & 5th, 2017

Sacramento Junior Shootout

March 4th & 5th, 2017

  On Thursday, March 3rd, the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour arrived in Sacramento, CA to host the Sacramento Junior Shootout, which took place at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex.  Forty-six junior golfers arrived early on Saturday morning ready the difficult course and the undesirable weather conditions.  The tournament consisted of five divisions: Boys 16-18, Girls 14-18, Boys 14-15, Girls 13 and Under and Boys 10 and Under.  The entire tournament battled the swirling winds, chilly weather and unpredictable rain, while still being able to post low scores and have fun on the course.  Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings were on the line for Boys ages 16-18, Boys 14-1, Girls 14-18 and Girls U13.   Boys 16-18 Division

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The Boys 16-18 Division consisted of eight golfers, with plenty of talent on the leaderboard.  At the top of this division after round two, sat Presley Mackelburg and Ephan Liu.  Both golfers had final totals of 152, but took different ways to get there.  Presley shot 76 on both round 1 and 2 and Ephan shot a 74 for round one and 78 for round two.  The boys went back on the course for a playoff hole.  One hole was not enough, so they proceeded to a second playoff hole where a 12 foot putt won Presley the tournament.  Joe Fowler came in third with scores of 73 and 80, for a grand total of 153.  We wish all the competitors the best of luck in the rest of their tournaments this year and we hope to see them back with the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour.   Boys 14-15 Division

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The Boys 14-15 Division had six competitors, who were all ready to battle the punishing rough and harsh winds.  Due to an abundance of rain within the past weeks, the rough at Haggin Oaks was on its way to be comparable to the rough at Oakmont in the 2016 U.S. Open.  Golf balls were not visible in lush grass, which created another obstacle for these golfers to overcome.  The boys did a great job of keeping their shots in the fairway and out of trouble.  Moses Greene ended up winning this division by posting scores of 80 and 76.  Moses has played well this entire year and it continued in this tournament.  Collin Yee and Ryan Nelson both shot a grand total of 159.  Collin had rounds of 80 and 79, while Ryan had rounds of 79 and 80.   Girls 14-18 Division

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The Girls 14-18 Division created quite a buzz in this week’s event with 23 golfers, those of which were familiar names in the HJGT tournament play. With the biggest field size of the tournament, the girls knew they had two competitive rounds ahead of them. The changing, tough and weather conditions played a major role in how girls went about their games this weekend. On both days, most of the holes on the front nine were into the wind, causing the holes to be playing longer than the scorecard yardages. The lowest score on the first day was an 80 and seven girls were within three strokes of each other. The winner of the tournament was Coco Chai who shot a 86 on the first day but followed it up with an impressive score of 73 on the second day.  She was six strokes behind the lead coming into day two but due to her impressive score, a playoff hole was needed to decide this week’s champion. Coco and Yena Yang competed in a one hole playoff for first place. Yena put together 2 rounds of 80 and 79 keeping her game very consistent. Yena won a very close playoff hole and took the first place trophy under immense pressure.   Boys 10 and Under Division 

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The Boys 10 and Under Division consisted of three familiar faces and each were excited to get the chance to play with each other.  They were ever cheerful and optimistic for the duration of the harsh winds and random rainfalls.  At the end of the tournament, Luke Montoya sat atop with scores 78 and 77.  Luke was able to shape his shots with control, which helped him conquer the high winds.  He showed great touch, as always, around the greens which helped him have some easy tap in putts.  Aditya Das came in second by posting scores of 78 and 81.  Aditya has been with us for a couple of tournaments and he is an amazing golfer.  Each tournament he continues to post low scores and we hope to see him again soon.  Andre Chung came in third with scores of 83 and 81.  Andre did not have his dad caddy for him this week and he still showed that he can compete and post low scores.  We hope to see all these boys at Rooster Run and wish them the best of luck in their next competition.   Girls 13 and Under

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The Girls 13 and Under Division had six players, who were all from the Sacramento area.  The girls were battle tested against the harsh weather conditions but still competed at a high level and put on a show.  Hannah Harrison, who was a first time competitor with the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour ended up winning the tournament by a single stroke.  Hannah posted rounds of 80 and 77, for a grand total of 157.  We are happy to congratulate her on her victory, which also lands her a spot in our National Championship in Orlando this December.  Ellie Bushnell came in second by only one stroke!  She posted and 83 the first round and had an amazing round of 75 on the second day.  Third place was held Yewon Jang, who had scores of 83 and 77.  Every girl played well this weekend and it was fun to watch this group compete!

Weather: March 4-5, 2017:

Round 1: Low 41, High 65. Cloudy with rain, Wind 15-30 mph.

Round 2: Low 40, High 49.  Cloudy with rain, Wind 15-35 mph.

Tournament Division Yardages

Boys 16-18: 6,544 Yards

Boys 16-18: 6,544 Yards

Girls 14-18: 5,631 Yards

Girls 13 and Under: 5,120 Yards

Boys 10 and Under: 4,993 Yards


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