Pasadena Jr Open March 11th & 12th, 2017

Pasadena Junior Open

March 11th & 12th, 2017

  On Thursday, March 10rd, the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour arrived in Pasadena, CA to host the Pasadena Junior Open.  The tournament took place at Brookside Golf Club, which is directly adjacent to the Rose Bowl Stadium.  Twenty junior golfers arrived early on Saturday morning, eager to play on a course that holds many scenic views.  The tournament consisted of four divisions: Boys 16-18, Girls 14-18, Boys 14-15, and Boys 11-13.  The entire tournament field was given the best weather that one could ask for, with both days 85 degrees and sunny, with very little wind.  Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings were on the line for Boys ages 16-18 and Girls 14-18. Boys 16-18 Division

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The Boys 16-18 Division consisted of ten golfers, with plenty of talent up and down the leaderboard.  Devin Schaffer was the leader after day one and he never looked back from there.  His day one score of 74 was the best in the division and landed him a spot in the final group.  He followed his day one performance with a 76 during the final round and this was enough to earn him another first-place trophy and tournament victory.  Danny Rettinger followed in second place, with scores of 78 and 76.  Danny made it interesting in the final stretch, birding three out of the last four holes!  Third place was held by Charlie Foy, who ended up having the best shot of the tournament.  On the 18th hole in the second round, Charlie had a hole in one.  This secured him with a final round score of 77, which was four shots better than his first round score of 81.  We wish all the competitors the best of luck in the rest of their tournaments this year and we hope to see them back with the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour.   Boys 14-15 Division

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The Boys 14-15 Division had three competitors, who were all ready to put their games to the test at Brookside Golf Club.  Coming in first place in this division was Connor Wierman, who notched scores of 77 and 78.  Connor made his way from Arizona to compete in this tournament and his presence was made with his piercing drives and consistent play.  Three out of his four rounds were 39s and both times he played hole 11, he birdied it.  Andrew Fiori placed second this weekend and he did so by shooting scores of 86 and 84.  Andrew was able to play well at a punishing course, with trees lining every fairway and sloping fairways that ran into ditches.  Coming in third was Stanley Wu, a familiar face who participates with us regularly.  Stanley posted scores of 86 and 96, to complete his round at Brookside.  We would like to thank the young men who came out and participated with us and we wish them the best of luck.     Girls 14-18 Division

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The Girls 14-18 Division consisted of five junior golfers.  Two of the top three finishers were ladies that have previously competed with us, and they ended up tying for second place.  Kasey Torres and Kaitliyn Vazquez both ended the tournament with final scores of 164, but both reached that number via a different route.  Kasey shot an 88 on the first day and came back on the second day to shoot a 76.  This twelve shot improvement was the most of the tournament and Kasey was very fun to watch this weekend.  Kaitlyn had rounds of 83 and 81, which was highlighted by her astonishing distance off the tee.  Kaitlin had drives that eclipsed the 265 mark and we look forward to seeing her at future tournaments. The winner of the tournament was Klara Nagy, who shot an 81 on the first day and followed the trend of improving scores, to shoot a 77.  It was clear that Klara has spent her time on the putting green, because she was known for knocking down difficult putts from all parts of the green.  To compliment her putting, she kept the ball in the fairway and played most of her shots from there, which lead to her low scores.  Thanks to the competitors in who came out this weekend and it will be exciting to see them play again!   Boys 11-13 Division 

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The Boys 11-13 Division consisted of two players, Dylan Brack and last week’s champion, Luke Montoya.  Luke continued his hot streak and walked away from this tournament with another first-place victory.  Luke had two consistent rounds by shooting 85 and 84, in part to his drives that were steadily in the fairway.  This set Luke up with great opportunities to attack the green and post low scores.  Dylan came in second place this weekend and this young lefty was fun to watch.  Dylan has a natural draw to his shots that he uses to avoid many trouble areas, which helped him post his scores of 89 and 83.  This was Dylan’s first time competing with us and we hope to see him and Luke back soon!  

Weather: March 11-12, 2017:

Round 1: Low 59, High 85. Sunny, Wind 5-10 mph.

Round 2: Low 60, High 89.  Sunny, Wind 5-15 mph.

Tournament Division Yardages

Boys 16-18: 6,690 Yards

Boys 14-15: 6,690 Yards

Girls 14-18: 5,631 Yards

Boys 11-13: 5,631 Yards


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